Noonbarra Brynn (Croatia), Noonbarra Will (Croatia),


Owned by Nina in CROATIA

Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie II

Noonbarra Brynn went to Croatia with Noonbarra Will.

Just a little update on your dogs.

Things are going great here. Both dogs are doing agility, and Brynn also does search and rescue. Me and Brynn went on an avalanche search and rescue course last weekend. She was probably the first kelpie doing avalanche search and rescue, as far as I know it. She enjoyed herself very much.  I really love working with her, she is so smart and learns so quickly, I have never seen that before in a dog. I only need to show her once and she knows it, and even better, she doesn't forget, like ever. She can be reminded at everything I ever taught her in few seconds. Will is also doing great. He enjoys agility so much and is really fast and extremely motivated. I will try to make some videos of him doing agility soon so I can send it to you. Maybe you can upload it on your web site. 

We also do a bit of sheepwork when I can find time. They are both great. They are usually better than most border collies there. There are three pictures taken just after the training, I am sending them to you.

You can put them on the website if you want. Thank you again for those wonderful dogs.

 P.S. We started going to Hungary on agility competitions on regular basis, so we met Noonbarra Elmo and Anna. He is lovely. Fawn and tan! I was so jealous. He seems to be doing great to, and growing fast. 




Noonbarra Brynn swimming


Noonbarra Brynn (on left) doing snow avalanche rescue training



Noonbarra Brynn learning to back sheep
We often do this training for dogs going for Agility or Sheepyard work as it teaches balance and sure-footedness


Noonbarra Brynn in Agility Competition.

Noonbarra Brynn as a Puppy

Noonbarra Brynn and her friend, Turbo.

Amazing agility from Noonbarra Brynn

Noonbarra Brynn in Agility Competition

See Noonbarra Brynn doing agility in Italy -


Noonbarra Brynn in Croatia

Noonbarra Brynn as a Puppy at Noonbarra Stud

Noonbarra Brynn

Noonbarra Brynn playing with Noonbarra Sarah.

Noonbarra Brynn in snow rescue group

See Noonbarra Brynn doing agility in Italy -

Brynn and I qualified for the Search and Rescue Dogs World Championship 2011 that is going to take place in Belgium at the end of June so I am quite proud at my little girl. We went to a search and rescue exam in Milano, Italy and she rocked! We qualified in rubble search. She was really good and really secure in herself and done a great job. I am sending you some pictures from the event.



Noonbarra Mick II X Noonbarra Cassie III

Owned by Nina Gregl in Croatia.

Noonbarra Will was exported to Croatia at the same time as Noonbarra Brynn. It was difficult to get two pups around the same age but from different litters that were going to suit the customer but I think we did a very good job of it.


Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn


Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn with Bo.


Noonbarra Will


Noonbarra Will as a puppy at the Noonbarra Kelpie Stud


Noonbarra Will as a puppy

Noonbarra Will, Noonbarra Brynn and Bo in Croatia.

Noonbarra Will working sheep as a puppy

Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn with a group of other working dogs.


Incredible muscle tone on Noonbarra Will


Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn

May 2011: Hi! I haven't written you for a while so I thought you might wanted to know the news. Things are great here, as usual. Both dogs are now a little over 3 years old, and finnaly some real results came into place. Will is amazing at agility, we have a lot of wins on different competitions.


Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn


Noonbarra Will and Noonbarra Brynn



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