Noonbarra Solo X Noonbarra Amy

Born 1st October 2004

Owned by the Cowper family of Sydney


Noonbarra Bailey was another wonderful pup by Noonbarra Solo. He went to Lee and Yvette Cowper on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Lee works in the building trade and like a lot of our customers takes his pup off to work with him. The following letter came soon after Bailey went to his new home.

"Hi Mary & Stephen. What can I say.......We LOVE Bailey!!!  Its been just over a week since we picked him up & his personality is fantastic.

I am so pleased we followed your advice on the crate. He loves it & seeks it out for a snooze often.  He only stirs once during the night now to go to the toilet, and goes straight back to sleep afterwards.

He still has some attitude with the down stay, but we are practicing every day & he is getting much better.

Lee has taken him to work also everyday and he is very good.  He has met lots of kids and other dogs without any problems.  He loves his beach walks, not too sure about the water yet, but loves the sand. - Kind regards,  Lee & Yvette


Noonbarra Solo X Noonbarra Amy

Born 1st October 2004

Owned by Amanda Philips


We were sent this email from Amanda in December 2004

"Just a note to go with photos. We had a good trip home it was long but Indy was great.

"She is just beautiful and makes us laugh every day. She is getting on well with our other dog Keira now they play together a lot.

She has ventured into the pool a couple of times I think she thought the kids were having to much fun so she jumped in. She is curious but also reserved about new things, cars driving past she sits until they go past then she continues to walk.

We are preparing a run for them for when we are at work. We have ordered the run and have been building a retaining wall and slab for it Indy has been helping us back fill the small wall with her digging skills she was scratching the sand exactly where we wanted it.

She has been sleeping next to our bed in her crate and going well with that too. When she jumped into the pool she had green from her ear (tattoo) running down the side of her face and on her feet we got her cleaned up and it all came off she didn't care she was cooled off . The photos were taken at eight weeks she is a very good looking pup I know you will agree. - Amanda

"One of the reasons we got Indy was I wanted a running companion. She is going well and I couldn't have asked for a more suitable puppy".

"As a companion dog, she is great. She sits and waits, while I get her dinner. She does not jump or fuss, she just sits and waits. If someone hand feeds her, she is very gentle and never rough and greedy. She is great with toddlers around. We had visitors at Christmas. I thought I would have to put her away but she was great. I could not be happier".

"Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family."


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Tessa II

Born 20th July 2004 - Cream Male

Owned by Kristy Brasher, Victoria


Noonbarra Jasper was of a litter of seven. There were three creams, Mani, Jasper and Ziggy.

In September 2005, we received this lovely email from Kristy .....

"I just want to thank you for breading such beautiful dog. Jasper is wonderful and everybody loves him.

People always stop us to say how beautiful he is or to ask if he is a dingo, we get asked that so often. Jasper is doing very well and for the last year I have been taking him to obedience school. At the school there is also another Noonbarra Kelpie who is 4 months younger than Jasper. His name is Jack, they look so good together and play well, though some time, they do get a bit too excited. Next month we are going to join an agility club, we have done a little bit at obedience school and Jasper loves it, he gets so excited when he see all the equipment so I am sure he is going to love it. He is very smart, very cheeky, and he loves a pat and a cuddle, he hates to be ignored and loves to be centre of attention. I love him so much I couldn't imagine life with out him."


Noonbarra Jasper II


Happy in his crate!