Noonbarra Roy III X Noonbarra Sarah

Born 29th April 2005

Owned by Joanne Drake. Sydney


Kobe II was sold to an experienced dog owner and trainer, Joanne who does Flyball competition. She wanted a pup with a bit more drive in her. Kobe's sister, Lucy IV was a bit too calm and gentle for competition dog sports.

Kobe was a beautifully natured young pup, not too reserved and not too excitable.







Hello Mary and Stephen

Time for an update on Kobe 2 and a few recent pictures.  We have just returned from a weekend camping down the South Coast of NSW at Kioloa for a flyball competition.  I took Kobe along for the beginners competition and
she was the youngest one at 17 weeks.  Annette Taylor took
[Noonbarra] Cobber and he was entered as well.  It is a fun competition and every dog entered gets a prize.  Considering we had two puppies and a blind poodle on our team we managed to come third last, pretty good considering.

The crate training is great and she sleeps in hers every night.  She sometimes puts herself to bed if she's had a big day and she retreats to it if there is something scary around.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, most are from this last weekend at Kioloa.  I noted you have her on the website which is lovely to see. 


Noonbarra Kobe II - Noonbarra Cobber- Noonbarra Matilda III

At a Flyball Competition

Noonbarra Kobe II at a Flyball Competition

Noonbarra Kobe II with Noonbarra Cobber at the beach

Noonbarra Kobe II doing Flyball


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Molly

Born 13th March 2004

Owned by Steve Middleton in Sydney

"I have been have a good look at your site and wanted to let you know how wonderful Sydney is!

"He will be one year old on March the 17th and it seems like only yesterday that we were up at Orange meeting the litter. Sydney has been the most wonderful addition to our family.

"He is such a loving dog and very loyal to us both but with a particular love of my wife Kirilly. She canít go anywhere without him following her. He and Charlie are inseparable and it is difficult to comprehend how Charlie coped without his little mate. In the past 2-3 months Sydney has followed Charlie into the water and they now delight in their evening swimming races in Iron Cove were they will swim up to 50metres off shore in pursuit of a bed. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful website and the beautiful dogs you breed.

Kind Regards, Steven Middleton

"He is having a very hard life. We couldnít be happier with him. He is a beautiful dog - loyal and outgoing with a lovely nature. Thanks"


JAN 2006 : "Hi Mary and Stephen, A quick note from the owners of Noonbarra Sydney. He is coming up to 2 yrs old now and just a beautiful dog. I canít wait to purchase my next Noonbarra Pup and have his name already-Fitzroy!" - Best Wishes, Steven Middleton






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