Noonbarra Nick X Noonbarra Debbie

Born 19th August 2006

Owned by Nathan and Emma Vaughan

Hi Mary, just a quick e-mail to let you know that Ace is settling into his new home wonderfully.

We couldn’t be happier!

We hope you enjoy the photos below.

Emma and Nathan.


"Hi Nathan here. Proud owner of Ace.

He is sleeping wonderfully in his crate every night and just waits till we wake and let him out.. He sits and comes when we call him and walks on the lead almost perfectly, just likes to changes sides a lot!

Below are some new photos of Ace."




Noonbarra Ace in his new home


Photo of Ace with Mary at the Noonbarra Stud


Ace asleep with his toys at his new home

Noonbarra Ace with his new friend Jed.


March 2007

We just thought we would update you on our progress with Ace and send you some new pics of him.

To start with I guess we should say thanks again for giving us such a great kelpie. We are so happy with him and are so glad that we found you guys and bought from you.

The last time I email I had a big problem with ace not taking to the down stay command and training. This was at about the 12 week stage. You said to just leave it for a while and maybe try a different way to teach him… Well guess what.. He obviously knew what we wanted him to do all along.. because not long after we just started saying down but not pushing him and to our amazement he downed.. Ever since then he has downed on command every time…

Pretty good with stay but if we go out of sight he comes looking. He will even down and wait for an OK to eat his dinner now. He’s great. He will happily walk off the lead and keep close to us when we walk him. Bikes still cause a little crazyness but we are working on it. Over all he is progressing well and I can already see how good he is going to be when he gets a little bit older. I love sitting outside with him. He comes up and plonks himself  right next to me and just sits or lays there calmly, its nice.

Anyway Thanks again…and we will  try keep in touch…

Nathan & Emma


Noonbarra Ace as a young adult



Noonbarra Roy III X Noonbarra Nicky

Born 3rd March 2005

Owned by Craig Speerin, Sydney.

Craig is a plumber in Sydney and wanted a good work mate. He recently sent us this fantastic letter.

"Hi Guys,

    "Just thought is about time I threw you a line or two! Jim's going great, seems to have just finished his teenage years (perfect one day-testing the next) the last couple of months. He seems to have really settled and knows what's expected."

    "When I contacted you guys initially, I was very particular in that the dog needed to be suitable for my work environment. In particular not to be timid of loud gunshot like bangs (nail guns etc). Jim has more than satisfied my wishes.  He is actually the first dog I've owned who isn't afraid of fire crackers!

 "Another first for a dog of mine is he absolutely loves being chained up, on the back of the truck that is. He loves it, he knows "if I'm chained up, we're going somewhere and I ain't getting left behind". Anyway, I've got hundreds of stories and positive experiences with Jim and I could go on all night, but I won't. The long and the short of it is Jim's a great dog, highly intelligent (scary!), great temperament, loves all people (ain't no guard dog) and a great mate. "

"One thing that did amaze me though was, did you teach him the command "come"?? As I attempted that lesson only to find that he already knew it. If not is it just breed into him?? "

Noonbarra Jim VII as a puppy


Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Meg II

Born 30th April 2006

Owned (and very loved) by Lynne & Lindsay Harding.

Noonbarra Meg is a Fawn & Tan Kelpie. This colour is not very common and is highly sought after when pups are available. Meg has gone to a lovely family and is having a great time.


Lynne writes: "Every time she sees me with the camera she wants to come up to it and have a closer look so it is really hard for me to get a photo of her (unless she is asleep!).  I will try and get some more photos through to you.....  but I'm sure you can get some idea of how she's looking from these.  I think it is a case of the 'cutey' turning into the 'beauty'.

 She is still thoroughly enjoying obedience training (or as I call it 'dog school').  She thinks it is the best day of the week because she gets to meet up with all the dogs there (approximately 30-40) and she knows they are all there just to play with her!  She is working really well at home but understandably, is a little distracted at dog school. 

We took her out for her first trip in Lindsay's boat on the October Long Weekend.  We launched the boat at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.  I took her crate just in case she needed some 'time out' but the only time it was used was as a table for lunch!  She absolutely loved it and looked as if she had been boating her whole (short) life.  Meg sat up in the corner of the back seat watching the boats going by until Lindsay accelerated and then she made her way to the berth up the front, found what she considered to be the most comfortable spot and laid down and went to sleep until we arrived at our destination.  We were amazed.  We had planned to only be out for an hour or 2 (just to give Meg some experience) and ended up staying out for 5 hours during which time we stopped in at Shoal Bay and picked up some fish & chips from "Aussie Bob's" and then anchored off shore and ate them, using Meg's crate for a table.  I had packed a chicken wing for Meg for lunch but she managed to save some room for a few chips as well.  I think she definitely likes boating!

Noonbarra Meg IV enjoying her boat ride


Hi Mary and Stephen,

 "These photos were taken on Lake Macquarie. .. Meg has had her second trip out in the boat.  I've attached a couple of photos to show you how much she enjoyed it.  She is still not too sure about that outboard motor when the throttle is open but you will see from one of the photos that she still wanted to be looking over the side with the wind in her face so she is learning to put up with the noise.  I'm sure she will feel more confident about the engine noise the more exposure she has to it.

  "We found a stick which we threw into the shallows and she was happy to go and retrieve it provided she didn't have to go out too deep.  The expression she had on her face the first time she grabbed the stick (and her face went into the water) was priceless!  I think she expected to be able to pick it up as if it was on the grass.

 "Obedience training (dog school) is still going well.  We've started working on 'stand for examination'.  The only problem is that when the instructor comes to examine, Meg thinks it is the perfect opportunity to jump up and kiss her!  She loves anybody wanting to talk to her especially when they bend down with the arms out!

I should also mention that I was walking Meg in Morpeth the other week and an elderly gentleman got out of a car and came over to speak to us.  I was with a friend (who lives in Morpeth) and Leah had her mini schnauzer 'Harriet' with her.  Morpeth is an historic town on the Hunter River near Maitland.  It has become a bit of a tourist stop with old stores with lots of craft and cafes, etc.  Just the place for a pup to go walking - lots of cars, people, sights & sounds!  Anyway, back to the story.... The man came over to me and told me that my dog was too good for me!  I begged his pardon and he repeated that Meg was a good lookin' dog and was too good for me to have!  Long story short:  It turned out that Frank originated from Forbes (his brother still lives there and runs sheep) and he doesn't believe in good working dogs being couped up in town.  He told me that I should get one of those fluffy lap dogs like my friend has.  I thanked him for his compliment about Meg and agreed with him that she is a good looking dog but she doesn't live in town and has lots of things to do even though she doesn't work stock.  He turned out to be a bit of a character and we ended up yarning for about 15 minutes."




Noonbarra Meg IV as a puppy


Noonbarra Meg as a puppy


Noonbarra Meg getting a bit bigger.


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