Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie II

Born 11th November 2006

Owned by Melanie McPherson NSW

This is probably our most popular mating at the moment. Two great parents with exceptional working ability as well as lovely temperaments. They always seem to produce pretty pups too. Gretel was a wonderful pup and will surely give the McPherson family a lot of happiness over the coming years.

Hello Mary,

I thought I would send you some photos that we took of Gretel.  They are from a mobile phone so the quality isn't all that good but there're not too bad.  She is settling in very well and growing - we weighed her at the vets yesterday and she is now 4.8 kgs.  Its amazing how much taller she is in just 2 weeks.

 You won't be surprised to know that when she first saw the vet that he found her to be perfect.  His first question was whether I was going to breed from her and then looked quite disappointed when I said no.  I had to be away all day yesterday so I left them at the vets for the day where they were both absolutely spoilt.  One of the vets (a young woman) came out when we were trying to leave and was asking a lot about where Gretel came from and giving us lots of advice.  She hadn't even needed to see Gretel but she must have and was obviously besotted with her.  They even have photos of her on their computer now. 

 She is really fascinating to watch and gets into everything she can.  Unfortunately she worked out very quickly that when she tried to squat on the grass to go to the toilet that Tasha would knock her over.  Gretel's solution is to come into the house to go - not very socialable of her but certainly it makes sense from her perspective.  We are working on it and Tasha is getting calmer about having company.   Gretel also loves to cuddle up for a snooze each morning for about 40 minutes after a very early breakfast.  The 2 dogs are getting on very well although we keep a close eye on them, given that they still both so young and Tasha has no idea of her strength.  Not that Gretel lets her get away with too much, she really teases Tasha when it suits her.  Gretel can get under the BBQ so much quicker and easier than Tasha and then launches herself at Tasha or runs out to show off the bone or toy she has before running back under the BBQ with it.

 I could keep on talking about her, I really wish I had had a video on a number of occasions, but then I'm sure you have seen it all before.

 Anyway I thought you would like to know she is going very well.  Puppy classes haven't started yet, they expect to start in early February.  Gretel has already learnt that she needs to sit down before she is given food and now she sits quite patiently (most of the time anyway) as long as its for an extra bit.  She isn't very patient about getting her meals but she's getting the idea without any stress or fuss.

 I hope all is well with you, Stephen and your newest pups.

 Regards, Melanie




"He is perfect!!! - Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better companion."


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie II

Born 11th November 2006     Red & Tan Male

Owned by Yvette McCrae & Geoff Clark.

Hi Mary and Stephen,
Just thought I would let you know how Flynn is going.  The drive home was pretty long, but he slept for most of it which was good. 

He has taken really well to the crate training, and we haven't had any problems from him there.  He has slept through the night for the last 2 nights.  Toilet training was a bit harder for the first few days, but we seem to have just about worked it out now.

Last Sunday we went to Warrandyte a little town on the yarra, and met lots of dogs and children.  We have also met a few other doggie friends and he had a great afternoon playing with our friends 2 staffys, they all wore each
other out!

We started puppy school on Monday. He was really funny.  After going crazy at the end of his lead to play with the other pups (there were 6 in the class) when he was allowed off his lead to play he didn't know what to do!
He watched all the others and eventually joined in, but it took him a while.

Geoff starts work on Monday and is looking forward to bringing him along. I think he will go well - I'll let you know. Also, his ears popped up yesterday - he looks so cute, they are much to big for him at his current size! Although I think he has grown so much in a week!

I'll send you another progress report and some pictures soon, just wanted to let you know that we are having so much fun with him and are really enjoying the experience.
Love Yvette & Geoff.

9th Sept. 2007

"Firstly Stephen, we are so sorry to hear of your illness but glad to know that you are coming through your treatments well. We hope the enclosed photos of Flynn bring a smile.

We wanted to take this opportunity to write and let you know how we are going with him. He is perfect!!!

Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better companion. He is so obedient and responds well to commands. Loves meeting people and other dogs and is very friendly. Everyone we meet comments on how friendly and well behaved he is, and how good looking ! Geoff took him to the Kelpie Muster at Casterton, and he met some relatives and a half brother. They had a great day and Geoff was pretty chuffed with all the positive comments he received about Flynn.

Geoff and Noonbarra Flynn

The pair of them have become inseparable and Flynn loves going to work each day and being foreman of the job site. we have taken him to the beach where he loved all the new smells, and rolling in the particularly bad ones! We've also had a trip to the snow and a couple of camping trips which he has loved.

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful friend. We are so glad you are continuing with the breeding program, so many more people can experience the joy of owning a Noonbarra Kelpie.

Take care, Love, Yvette and Geoff.


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Megan

Born 12th August 2006    Red & Tan Male


Noonbarra Pete was sold as a started pup. Excellent working ability from two high class parents. He had a very nice gentle nature about him and with Noonbarra Megan as a mum, that's not too surprising.

Hi Stephen and Mary, Just thought we'd drop you a quick line to let you know that we made it back to Alexandra safe and sound.  Pete travelled nicely although by the end of the trip I think he'd had enough (can't really blame him, it was a long trip). 

Pete slept in his crate in our bedroom and he seemed to be quite comfortable and slept right through the night.  Today he was much better with the girls and just over the one day he has made unbelievable progress.  Alexia will not leave him alone and I think Pete is lapping up the attention. 

He did have an accident this morning inside the house but that was my fault because I should have taken him outside to relieve himself straight after he woke up.  We also gave him a bath today and he really enjoyed it and was relaxed.  Mary would you be kind enough, when you post out the two books to also include a copy of Megan's background history as it was missing out of the folder you gave us. 

 Stephen, we are terribly sorry we tired you out on Saturday and we sincerely hope all goes well for you and as we told Mary if there is anything at all we can do for you we would be more than happy to do so.  Our prayers and best wishes are with you.  Kind regards Nick, Maria, Alexia, Jana and Belinda. xxxxx








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