Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Cassie

Born 8th March 2009

Owned by Stacey Scrimshaw

May 2009

Tess has had a big week. She is doing really well and we are all very pleased with your choice for us. We have no issues with taking anything, including bones off her now. She is learning the house rules quickly and settles almost instantly when on my lap.  She has been very respectful to our 2 ducks. All three are in the backyard through the day and Tess just eyes them then walks up so they move. There has been no chasing yet. She loves being on top of things. She climbed on top of her create and onto the bed yesterday.

Tess is a people dog. She has met a lot of people this week and just settles so quickly with them. We did some work on liking the vacuum cleaner. She will now approach it when it’s on. She loves playing when I mop. I’m looking forward to puppy classes next week.  

August 2009:

Tess and I had a great day yesterday. I took her to play with some sheep with Darcy, the sheep trail trainer at Erskine Park. He took us to a large enclosed ring. It used to be for breaking in horses. I watched while Darcy stood with the 4 sheep and Tess calmly circled them right out at the edge of the pen. Darcy asked her to change directions with whistles (I wish I could whistle) and pointing an old rack and Tess responded beautifully. Darcy said that he would give her 100/100 for her work yesterday. We had two sessions of about 5 mins and she was calm and watchful the whole time. Darcy is a short haired border collie breeder but he said that Tess has opened his eyes to kelpies. He also asked about Noonbarra in general. You have a new fan

Just a quick email to let you know that Tess is doing really well. She will happily say hello to anyone. We have been going to obedience and she works very nicely, even with very little practice at home. She’s can be a bit of a rough nut with other dogs. She enjoys playing with the larger breeds like German Shepherds, Labs and Staffys, but she calms down beautifully for smaller quieter dogs.

I had her out with our 2 ducks last week. I was trying to catch her but she kept them between us. I would go one way and she would balance them, like she was rounding up sheep. I had a good laugh and was amazed at her natural instincts.

On a lighter note, Tess’s ears finally became pricked 2 weeks ago. Now she looks like a smaller version of Cassie. She is so pretty.


Noonbarra Max X Barclays Kate II

Born 6th October 2008

Owned by Liz and Mark Sandercock

She's a beautiful little girl! She's doing very well at obedience school too, now up to level 3. We need to complete level 5 (and be over 12 months) to start agility classes which we hope will be lots of fun and tire her out as well!

We take her everywhere with us (where ever possible) and she enjoys waiting around for us to finish our coffee! It's amazing how many people have said how beautiful she is. There was even one man who wound down the front passenger side window of his car while he was turning a corner and yelled out to us..."you've got a beautiful dog there".





Noonbarra Missy waiting for command to have her dinner

Inside, lying on her bed.

Noonbarra Missy as a puppy


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie II

Born 12th Feb 2008

Owned by Adam Ward


Hi, my name is Jill Raymond, I am an artist who specializes in working and companion animals.  Kelpies are a large component of my work, and I usually work at the Casterton Kelpie Festival each year, but did not attend this year.  When I was there last year, I met a lovely young couple from Melbourne who had recently bought a puppy from you.  They called him “Aussie”.   He was the most personable and self assured puppy I had seen, very calm and quiet, and gorgeous to look at.  I was so impressed with him, I have done an artwork (pastel ) of him, which is part of an exhibition I am having soon. 

The picture is titled “I will grow into my ears” .   My phone no. is 02 60373232  Thank you so much, Jill


















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