Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Kellie

Born 11th August 2007

Owned by Jon Hunt

Noonbarra Roo will have his second birthday next month so we thought we’d better drop you line to let you know what a wonderful dog he is.

Roo is an absolute delight.  He is very smart and so keen to learn.  He has passed his Advanced Obedience training so has the letters CD after his name.  He is now learning agility – he is very eager and seems to enjoy it immensely.  Roo has a lovely temperament.  At puppy school, his teacher called him the peacemaker and would pick Roo to play with lots of different puppies because he was so gentle and calm.  He has retained those traits as he has grown up.  He loves being with us, but is able to amuse himself as well.  It’s a delight to come home from work and to be met by Roo with his ‘dolphin’ smile and helicopter tail.

Roo enjoys all his toys, particularly tug toys and anything that squeaks and he will chase a ball all day if someone will throw it for him.  His sense of smell is acute and we enjoy playing ‘hide and find’ with his toys inside the house – he usually finds whatever we have hidden very quickly. 

We have a great spot where Roo enjoys an off lead run and play.  We walk about 5-6 kilometers whilst Roo ranges probably two or three times that distance.  He loves the smells of the rabbits and kangaroos and loves chasing and retrieving sticks that we throw for him.  He seems to be a very proud dog when he’s walking with a stick in his mouth.  He makes sure that he checks on us regularly, but doesn’t seem to understand that we just can’t walk/run as quickly as he can.  We often stop for a coffee and treat after this walk and Roo is really well behaved.

Roo has a strong herding instinct, but only gets to practice on our two cats – he tries to herd the birds, but they only fly away.  I think Roo respects our old cat (Jimmie is nearly 18) and doesn’t chase him and defers to him when treats are being served.  However, the same can’t be said for Junior, our young cat (9 years old).  He and Roo seem to have a teasing relationship, but it’s very gentle and fun to watch. 

 Roo loves the car and knows that it takes him to fun places, but he is also happy to come with us even if we are just going to the shops.  He is fascinated with everything that goes on outside.  We hardly ever hear him bark and he is very comfortable with being tied up on his lead when we go into the shops.

Roo has taught Jon and I a lot about training and we from what we have learnt, we would have done some things differently in hindsight.  Where we have been consistent with something (even though we didn’t really think about it as training) the behaviour is absolutely ingrained in Roo.  Where we’ve lacked consistency, then Roo’s response isn’t always consistent.  Makes absolute sense!  You may recall that Roo developed a bit of a ‘mouthing’ habit when he was just under 6 months old and you gave him a week of training in late January 2008.  He’s been fine since then.

Physically, Roo is a tall dog (about 56cm to his shoulder) and looks terrific, but when he did his intake test for Agility his ribs weren’t able to be felt as easily as they should be.  We’ve been watching his diet since then. 

Overall, we are absolutely delighted with your choice of Roo for us (but he is definitely Jon’s dog).  We’ll definitely be looking for a sister for Roo, who can be Sheila’s dog, in a year or two... Thanks again for a fantastic dog


Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie

Born 12th Feb 2008

Owned by Tony Wallaert in Victoria.


Just a quick note to let you know how Spur is going. He is doing really well... He has been to work with me almost every day and on those days where he can't come, he stays with my parents and has a ball. He loves them as much as he loves me (except when I have to discipline him).

He has been doing one on one training with an obedience instructor and is going really well.

So far I have taught him to shake hands with both paws, stay, sit, he won't eat his food unless I say 'ok' and only me saying it and down. He sits at every kerb when I take him for a walk and won't move until I say 'ok'.

He really is going well.


Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Kellie

Born 11th August 2007

Owned by Renee Pratt & Gary Smith

Gary and i have had a baby girl we named her Mileeka. She was born on 15th December. Zarli loves her so much, Zarli is very very gentle with Mileeka. Zarli is now the best dog ever. She is very obedient and loves going to the beach.





Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Cassie

Born 8th March 2009

Owned by Carole Duff in West Australia

Just a short note to let you know (although I'm sure this won't be a surprise to you!)  that we are both absolutely delighted with our new little kelpie.

Lotte has settled in well, takes a great interest in everything that's going on, and is one very happy pup. She's a real charmer, is a very quick learner, and of course, full of the usual kelpie energy optimism and enthusiasm (a good example for Charlie and me!)

So - many thanks indeed. We are very pleased -  and grateful. Carole.


Noonbarra Jackaroo X Kamileroy Queen

Born: 15th June 2008

Owned by Jack Hart

Hi Mary & Stephen, Well Mit has come a long way since we last spoke a few months ago Mary - and thank you so much for your wise words too. I thought I wasn't making a lot of headway all of a sudden when he turned about 9 months. He seemed to be somewhat elsewhere. This is where before too long I realised that he needed a stronger influence over him & make some changes.

Well I accommodated him using much of your book guidelines of course & some nous that I had learned during my greyhound breeding/racing days I suppose. Today I am very proud of Mit indeed. He is now so more responsive & a pleasure to control. He has really come good & developing into a very fine dog indeed.

As you know he turned 1 years old last Monday week. He has had excellent health apart from a self inflicted cut pad whilst rip tearing on one of his fire trail gallops in the bush. A couple of stitches & he is off again.

What I needed to do was to get a better understanding of the genetic behaviour of the Kelpie breed & once I was better in touch with that it was no longer as difficult. Now he is well aware of what I expect & conversely I better understand his needs & expressive desires. He really is amusing at times and I am always laughing at his exploits & things he gets up to. I suspect he would make such a great sheep dog. He is constantly beckoning me to direct him & always waiting for that next command & pleading with me to interact. He so loves to please & there is such a sensitive side to him as well.

He does tend to get very hurt if he thinks he has done something wrong & this is where reassurance is so much better than mere chastising. Now this is something that I have discovered to be very important in his training so I have based much around this aspect... He really does love to be loved - well he sleeps on my bed every night, we wouldn't have it any other way. He is an excellent house dog & he remarkably adjusts his behaviour to the house rules.

Kindest regards,  Jack Hart



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