Noonbarra Ben VIII X Noonbarra Tammy II

Born 4th June 2010

Owned by Kristie Warner

Just a quick email to say the pup is going well. He is VERY smart and  sits, comes and walks on the lead with no problems at all. He is very sociable but follows me EVERYWHERE I go and even ignores Matthew when  I'm around. He is doing his down stay with a breeze now also. I have  decided to name him Clancy after much thought. It's a little different 
but it sounds like a great trial dog name : )
I will keep in touch and send you some photos when he gets a little  bigger


Ameroo Ned X Noonbarra Chloe II

Born 25th April 2010

Owned by Sean & Cheryl Robinson

Hello Mary and Stephen. Firstly, apologies for taking so long. Ned is progressing very well. He is growing very quickly. He has his first 'puppy school' tonight and then goes to Cheryls' parents for the weekend as we are going to King Island for a 40th birthday. He had a trip to my Dads farm two weekends back and had a lovely time and made friends with his 'cousins' Benson Ruby and Ginger.

He met the cows and Alpacas, we kept him away from the sheep as one went into labour. He is walking  very well on the lead now and the weather has been atrocious the last two weeks so we have got a coat/jacket for him to keep the rain off - he seems to know that it is better for him as he leaves it alone and has a little 'strut' when we first set off. Full of importance. He is getting better inside - especially for his age - although it is a test of our patience. But well worth it when he eventually settles down. He now knows his mat and toys area and enjoys his inside time.

He also has never had any trouble and adjusted completely to his 'house', which is a bonus. He will even go into it when not on his run. When (if ) the weather improves we hope to see more of his lying in the sun. He really is a beautiful dog with a really strong personality and very determined. He can also occupy himself and doesn't need constant attention - although he certainly lets us know that he is ready for a play.
Hope all is going well up there and I will keep in touch.
Sean, Cheryl and Ned.





Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Jessie II

Born 5th Jan 2009

Owned by Joe Dimich. Revesby NSW.


Bindi turned 2 yo on Jan 5th. She's been to the beach a lot in the last week and no matter how many people, dogs and even horses there are, she never has her eye off her ball. She is incredibly focussed! 
Here's a video I uploaded to YouTube ...

Bindi met "Bindi from Tamworth" at Sharkeys Beach yesterday. Her owner who runs a property there has a beach house at Otford.  It goes without saying that Noonbarra Bindi was the better surfer!.


Bindi playing at beach ...

Mary Bilson with Bindi as a puppy

Olivia Ford with Bindi


Bindi when she came up to Noonbarra for some training


Noonbarra Bindi V





Noonbarra Ben VIII X Noonbarra Trixie II

Black & Tan Male. Born 27th July 2010

Owned by Dr. Harry & Susan Knowles. NSW.

 Sept. 2010: Thought you might like an update. I nursed him all the way home in the car - not a wriggle or whimper although he was awake for most of the drive. He took the welcoming committee in his stride, explored his new house and yard and ate enthusiastically. I put a basket in our back room where I often watch TV and sat with him for 15 minutes or so when he went to sleep. This was about 6.30 pm and he  stayed there all night without a sound from him. 

 ... He followed me around the yard this morning whilst I did a few chores. He is presently asleep on the BBQ table next to Susan who is outside reading. The cat has her nose out of joint big-time but Jaco is quite unperturbed. In a word, he's a bottler! Thanks for the hospitality yesterday. Will stay in touch.

Jan 2011:Not quite an anniversary but thought you'd like a 6 months update. Here he is - a wonderful dog who has almost come to terms with the cat. At present he is tolerating a rather silly 6 year old Collie recently acquired by next door neighbours who barks for a living however Jaco is learning to ignore his incessant attempts to goad him. The grand-daughters all love him as does a good mate of mine who visits him (I take second spot) a least once a week.

His favourite game is tug-of-war with a grotty piece of old rope. We are taking a week shortly at Lake Macquarie and Jaco is coming as we have managed to find a pet-friendly letting on the water. Here's Jaco at 12 months (27 July). He is a lovely dog - still a little exhuberant but we wouldn't have him any other way. (See Photo). Jaco is doing fine - a lovely bright dog: see the attached photos, one  with 2 of the grandchildren.  He is coping well with a very offended  cat.

Not so keen on tennis balls but he will chase and retrieve sticks until he almost drops




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