Owned by Christine, Stephen and Olivia

Chilli travelled the 1200kms home to Adelaide really well. Saturday night was very wet in Hay and the caravan park was washed out and we were unable to camp. We thought the lady in the caravan park would take pity on us and let him into the cabin in his crate but I ended up sleeping in the car with him. There was not a sound out of him he slept right through in his crate and kept it dry!  He did the same last night at home after only a short protest to start with. He is truly a smart, beautiful natured pup, we are SO thrilled with him. We went in the car and then I carried him into school pick up and drop off today and he was not at all phased by the traffic noise or the amount of children. We practiced our down stays this evening and after about 5 minutes he gave in and ended up going to sleep, so I just lifted him up and put him in his crate. What a treasure! He starts puppy school next week- sure to be a star! Thank you again for such a wonderful pup.


Chilli is now six months old and is such a beautiful natured pup. He is everything you said he would be and more. Loves going to Olivia's school each day and has a very BIG fan club there, all you can hear is "Chilli, Chilli, Chilli". He takes it all in his stride and is very gentle and calm even when surrounded by hoards of loud children all in for a pat. He is very friendly and playful with other dogs and shows absolutely no signs of any aggression.

We can't believe how smart he is, it takes no time at all to teach him something new. He is doing well at dog obedience classes finishing puppy classes a few weeks early as he had mastered everything! The crate training you did has been invaluable, not one whimper out of him once he gets in (from night one) and he has never wet in there. We only have to get the car keys and he gets in the crate ready to go in the car its unbelievable! There have been no accidents inside now for a few months, he always sits at the back door and barks to go outside.
A great car traveller too, once the car starts he goes straight to sleep!

He is so loving and likes nothing more than sitting on your lap for a cuddle-I think he forgets just how big he is now! He is so gentle with Olivia and believe me she is not with him at times.  He certainly is growing into such a handsome dog and I am constantly stopped when out walking by people who want to pat and admire him.

Of course he has his puppy moments too - a bit of digging, some nipping to get attention when he is tired or when no one wants to play, sneaking onto our beds or the lounge for a nap...........oh but we love him and we thank you so much for such a magnificent pup.



Caught out napping in Olivia's dolls bed.
Our Chilli is growing fast and is walking very well on the lead now and also doing well at dog school. He has his "teenage moments" but on the whole he is a good boy. He loves running on the beach with other dogs and is very obedient coming back when he is called. He is a gorgeous boy and is still "king of the kids" at Olivia's school. There is not a day goes by when someone doesn't stop to admire him whilst we are out walking.

We were walking this weekend along the esplanade at our local beach (Glenelg) and stopped to admire this gorgeous little kelpie puppy. We couldn't believe it when told that she was from Noonbarra and that Jim was her dad - a half sister to our Chilli! Little 13 week old Indy (owned by Deb, Michael and Ned Hampton also from Glengowrie like us)! It was if they both knew they were from Noonbarra! Indy was not afraid at all of our almost 1 year old Chilli and well he just wanted to play. We are all looking forward to the time when the two of them can run and play together on the beach. We will keep you posted......

We are thankful to you both everyday for such a wonderful natured, well bred dog.



Noonbarra Chilli III enjoying the garden

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