(Noonbarra Gabe X Rockybar Valerie)

Owned by Tony Davidson from Collarenebri (Outback NSW Australia)

Tony Davidson from Collarenebri (outback NSW Australia) bought Noonbarra Bonny over 12 years ago, back in February 1990. Now we ask for a lot more feedback from our customers but back then we didn't worry too much. So we never had a report on Noonbarra Bonny until we received this wonderful letter from him in March 2000.

" Dear Mary and Stephen, I just had to write to thank you for Bonny. Bonny, the pup I bought from you is a marvel. She is simply a great bitch. I have indeed been blessed with having her."

"Her ability to work, to be in the right place at the right time has happened so often it is uncanny. To me she is the 'one in a lifetime' great bitch/dog that one owns. Her ability I sometimes take for granted, I don't have to tell her anything... Her ability is natural. She has taught me sheepwork."

As a sideline - when I bought a pup from Michael Johnston of Milburn, Cowra, I thought I had the perfect dog to join to Bonnie. Upon comparing pedigrees we found they were brothers and sister. Their resemblance in temperament and eye was amazing. Seeing him work was like watching a bigger version of Bonnie. Never did find a suitable dog to join to her. Thank you once again for Bonnie. - Tony Davidson Collarenebri Australia.

NOTE: Michael Johnston's Milburn Kelpie Stud has bought three Kelpies from our Noonbarra Stud including the famous Noonbarra Butch.


Martin Myors bought a couple of Kelpies from us in the 1980's and early 1990's for work in very hard country at Wanaaring in outback NSW (north western part of the State). He was very pleased with Noonbarra Toy.

"Toy is coming along very well. She has started to show eye on a few sheep and is also backing in the yard .. She holds her sheep very well". Martin Myors - Wanaaring NSW



"Tandy would cast (outrun) right around the boundary of the property to make sure he picked up every last sheep ... he was a very good dog" Mrs. Patsy Harrison Emu Flats

Later, Patsy became a Kelpie Stud breeder under the prefix of Kuloo and used Noonbarra Butch as a sire. She was also secretary of the Yard Dog Workers association.

Tandy was sold to top Yard Trialist Brad Taylor near Cowra and unfortunately while moving sheep between his two properties, Tandy was killed by a car.



Noonbarra Gabe X Noonbarra Vicky

Born: August 1990

Noonbarra Gabby went way out west to the big dry areas of NSW in 1990. She worked big mobs of sheep for the Heritage family and they often kept us updated with her progress:

" Gabby is fit and well and dad's pride and joy...She has just worked her way into our hearts so neatly...She is the daintiest dog we've had with regard to her food and manners". Andy & Cheryl Heritage - Brewarrina NSW

In 2004 we received this very nice letter .. "My Dad was pleased to receive a brochure and info in the mail recently. So I thought I'd let you know Gabby II is still alive. It was a surprise to visit the web site and see my note and photo with Gabby when she was a pup! Dad and Mum moved into town in August 2002 and Rosehill was sold just last week - Gabby is looking very old on it, has no teeth but she still tries to 'gum' strangers to death.."   Cheryl Massey (nee Heritage)


Noonbarra Shane X Avenpart Gayleen

Born: October 1989

Ben was a lovely natured Kelpie sold to Keith Rodgers. His dam, Avenpart Gayleen was by the famous Le Cliff Jock who in turn was by the great Liscannor Pace. All our breeding today go back to these dogs and further to Kalari Basil and Kalari Joker.

" Our friend, Ben III is progressing well now after his several setbacks and is turning into a very good dog." Keith Rodgers - Stuart Town


Noonbarra Shane X Avenpart Gayleen

Born: 23rd Oct 1989

Owned by Geoffrey Hackney

Betty was sold to Geoffrey, who was at Burraga at the time. We heard nothing at all about Betty until December 2007 when the family enquired about getting a new Noonbarra Kelpie. We find we get that a lot with stockmen and farmers.

Dec 2007

I rang you last week about a Kelpie pup for my brother. The dog he just lost was out of Noonbarra Betty who we bought from you in 1989. Ted was an excellent paddock dog who was very good at working anything from a few sheep up to mobs of 1,000 or more. He was a dog who you had to say very little and he would always get the job done. He was a very steady type of dog who would keep off the stock well, but would be forceful and come in very close if necessary with stubborn ewes or cows.  A pup with these type of characteristics would be what he would really like.

As for Betty, she lived to a ripe old age of 15. She hurt her leg as a pup and later developed arthritis, but thanks to a good vet and good medication she was able to live pain free and although the leg slowed her down a bit, she was always very willing to work on slower sheep (ewes and lambs) and she was very good. She only ever had one litter of pups, at the age of nine (she must have been trying to put career before family) to a good Kelpie of my brothers. Ted was the result.  - Regards Belinda.

NOONBARRA CENTURION. "Strong good looking red/tan dog. Real good cast and cover, great holder, has good eye. Make an excellent trial dog. Proven sire, will work in yards".- Mr. B. Medway. Tarina Kelpie Stud. Gunning NSW. Australia

NOONBARRA JENNA. Noonbarra Jenna was sold in 1988 to the Sundown Kelpie Stud in northern NSW. "Jenna is working well and leaning mainly towards the paddock. She doesn't worry about the whip at all, or anything else for that matter". Ron Saunders - Sundown Kelpie Stud Scone. NSW Australia


Jake was an excellent dog we bred back in 1985. He was a full brother to Noonbarra Giles and Noonbarra Tina. He became a very well known versatile worker in the district and even today people come up to us and talk about him.

"Jake is working really well in the yards and shed, on the sheeps back etc. with plenty of yap. He's only a baby and with training we feel he'll be great." - Fisher family. Lake Cargellico

NOONBARRA DAN I." Dan was a really good dog right from the start, he was a cracker of a dog. I sold him to a place near Cowra and he turned into a top dog. I now regret ever having sold him. - John Parrington (Australian Stockman & Sheepdog trialist) - John also later bought a 2nd Kelpie from us (Noonbarra Blaze).

NOONBARRA JODIE Jodie went To Vic Mayall in western NSW. Vic had two of our Kelpies bought at different times, Noonbarra Jet and Jodie. He has been a stockman all his life and tried his hand at everything from droving, yard work to mustering up wild goats in the mountains. He is a man that needs top quality working dogs.

"I just thought you would like to know that Jodie is going well. I have done some hill country work with her and she worked well. She is also good in the yards and barking well. - Vic Mayall. Tooraweenah in western NSW. Australia.