Noonbarra Flash X Noonbarra Wendy

Black & Tan Male. Born 26th Nov 2000

Owned by Richard Glover and Debra Oswald

Noonbarra Darcy was sold to Richard Glover and Debra Oswald in Sydney. Both are well known journalists. Debra writes for television and Richard has a column in the herald and a radio program and is the author of a new book," In bed with Jocasta". They met Noonbarra Milo who is owned by journalist Geraldine Brooks and when Geraldine was in Sydney, Darcy and Milo occasionally get the chance to play together.

"Darcy is an absolute champion... I don't know what puppies are usually like but his temperament seems great - he's reasonably calm most of the time but not at all timid. He marched around our house and yard and the neighbourhood very boldly.."

"Darcy has had a very socialable few days with lots of visitors to the house and meetings in the street. We also went to a social gathering and Darcy was a champion. Let himself be adored by all, romped in the yard with the mob of kids and then, when he got a bit razzed up and nippy, we leashed him next to Dan. He flopped down and went to sleep. The perfect dinner guest."

"I'm amazed at how self-possesed he is for a puppy encountering all these new things. Walking home from school today, an electrical storm hit-big lightening and thunder. All the school kids were screaming at the thunder but Darcy was pretty calm. He just stopped, looked up at me and I commented that the thunder was indeed quite loud and on we went....I find him so delightful and the dog behaviour so fascinating...Thank you so much for the lovely Darcy and all your help and advice."

Dec 2000

"Just a quick note to let you know that Darcy is already famous. In today's Sun-Herald 'Tempo section' there is an article about Richard and me which includes a colour photo of Darcy in my arms. He looks very handsome in his print debut."

Noonbarra Darcy playing with his dad, Noonbarra Flash

Jan 2001

We're just back from a wonderful holiday, made extra-special by Darcy. He is a total delight and so calm and amenable for a puppy. Before holidays we went to three evening sessions of puppy pre-school at the local vet. It was fun for Darcy to romp with the other puppies but we didn't learn much we didn't already know. Darcy was of course the dux of puppy pre-school, being the only dog to do 'sit', 'down' and 'stay' with any success. Training is going well and he is generally very easy to handle.

"Come" is more difficult but we're getting there. When we went on long leash-off walks on holiday, it was a good chance to practise "come" when Darcy ran ahead or on detours. We are also working consistently on having him walk well on the leash without pulling. It takes lots of reminders at the start of a walk but then he walks well. I hate it when dogs yank their owner's arms. He climbs obediently into his crate at night if Richard says "bedtime" and opens the door.

Everywhere we go, people comment on what a terrific puppy he is. People who have dogs are especially impressed with him - how sensible and clever he is, not to mention devilishly handsome. We are ridiculously proud of him when people praise him.

Feb 2001

We're being firm about greeting people and family arriving home - making him sit without barking before he gets attention. It's a huge effort of self-control for him - his whole body quivers - but he's learning this I think. Using a new training collar, he's doing well with walking - learning to walk with a slack leash beside us rather than pulling forward. He's not perfect at that yet but I'm guessing he's doing well for 4 and a half months

He's very popular at the dog park - with people and dogs - and he has so much fun romping about, especially with kelpies and kelpie crosses. I think I get the most out of him - he sprawls out next to my desk most of the day and we have big cuddles on the bed every now and then. He's really developing his affectionate side as well as the playful puppy stuff.

I'm also really pleased with his behaviour round kids. He's learning to sit still and let the little kids at school come up to pat him. I don't want him jumping up on small kids and scaring them. He's been to several parties lately and sat quietly on the leash, letting people come over to fuss from time to time. Good manners for going out.

Darcy's family came out to the stud to pick him up!

OCT 2002

Dear Stephen and Mary, Just a quick note to let you know that Darcy is still doing brilliantly after celebrating his 2nd birthday yesterday.

 He's such a great dog. Obedient, a great mix of calmness and liveliness, flexible, friendly, funny. He gets on very well with other dogs which makes walking him in leash-off parks really easy and enjoyable. He's very easygoing - independent and happy to be alone if need be but he also loves to be with us. We take him out with us wherever we can and, because he's well-behaved, he's welcome many places.

We can see that as he matures, his personality is developing even further - he's becoming even more affectionate, quirky and charming. He likes everyone but also has his own opinions and special favourites (eg my father, certain of our friends.) Thanks for the recommendation of the Glanmire Boarding Kennels. Darcy went there for 5 weeks while we were overseas and he had a great time - rounding up all the other dogs in the paddocks apparently.
Thanks again for letting us have Darcy. We often comment on what a wonderful addition to our life he's been and he brings us a lot of joy. Hope all is well for you and the lovely kelpies.  -
Cheers, Debra             

Sept 2003

Dear Stephen and Mary,  It's Darcy's 3rd birthday today. I thought I should sent a quick note to let you know he's still going wonderfully. He's as well-behaved as ever but still playful and fun. As he gets older his personality seems to become more distinct and idiosyncratic and delightful. In the last 6 months or so, he's been vocalising a lot more - not barking in a problematic way, but doing this controlled throaty soft 'bark', like talking,  when he's excited to see someone.

We're going away for a few weeks at the end of the year (to places we can't take Darcy, sadly). We'll drive him out to Glanmire Kennels at
again. You recommended it to us last time and we were really pleased. I'd recommend it to any kelpie owners.  I hope you are both well and happy and filling the world with lovely kelpies. - Cheers, Debra

When we get letters like this from customers it makes being a breeder very satisfying and we really appreciate all the feedback on our dogs.


Noonbarra Darcy at home

Photo by owners

Oct 2004

"Just a quick note in honour of Noonbarra Darcy's 4th birthday a week ago. There's not much to add to the gushing praise I've heaped on him (and the Noonbarra stock) in the past. He still brings us great joy and his comic and emotional qualities just get better every year."