(Noonbarra Prince X Noonbarra Judy)

Owned by Bob Bailee, Yarrawonga.

 Dave was sold at 2 years old and we worried about how he would settle in.

"Dave and I had a big excursion Friday night Saturday because I had to go to Melbourne to play golf due to an earlier commitment. Dave was great and did everything expected of him. We stayed in a motel on the Friday night and as you predicted he was quite happy to sleep in the car. He was fine on the Saturday while I played golf bit I was worried that it was a long time for him. However he was glad to see me and just sat up and looked out the window all the way home."

"He is fine off the lead while we are at the farm but I am not yet ready to take any risks away from the farm. He comes to me without hesitation wherever we are on the farm and does everything that I ask him to do. He lets me pat him while he eats and he sleeps at the foot of my bed in his own bed every night and doesn't make a sound."

"So I couldn't be happier with him. He is already a great mate and little things are building up between us that are special to just us. He loves running beside me when I ride the bike and as soon as I sit on it he barks just enough to be saying " Come on, let's go " and as soon as I start to move he is off."

"All in all it is going better than expected and it gets better every day." - Bob Bailee Yarrawonga Victoria.

Noonbarra Dave as a puppy