Black & Tan Female    Born: 20th April 2002

Owned by Sherry Rochon. Canada

"Jez is an absolutely delightful pup and I can't say enough good things about your breeding program when people ask about where she came from."

Noonbarra Jezebel was sold to a horse Stud in Canada. Mainly to be a companion dog.

"I collected Jezebel from the airport today. The most striking thing about her right now is her seemingly unshakeable self-confidence. Nothing seemed to worry or frighten her and was very happy to greet anyone who wanted to meet her. She seemed to settle right in and tried to take charge of the situation. When our calf came up to investigate the new arrival, she walked right up to him, showed a little eye, and barked at him when he didn't move along (he is a very tame calf from our family cow, destined for the freezer). You weren't kidding when you said Kelpie puppies are masters of psychology. She started assessing her boundaries immediately. But sharp as a tack- she learns extremely quickly. She's a real charmer- we love her already."

BTW- thanks for the folder- will come in very useful. - Sherry Rochon, B.Sc.Agr.



"One of her favourite games is to "help" lead horses and this particular horse is one of our Canadian mares"

"Jez is an absolutely delightful pup and I can't say enough good things about your breeding program when people ask about where she came from.  She is growing like a weed and plump as a little pork pie- she eats tripe at lunch time while at work and can munch on kibble free choice when at home in the evening.  She is full of energy, as a pup should, but very calm also when it is appropriate.  A very calm pup for her age.  And so obedient!  (For a five-month-old pup)."

"I am nearly running out of things to teach her, she is so clever and eager to please.  She is not yet perfect, but these are words she knows: 'Here', 'sit, 'lie down', 'stay there', 'speak', 'quiet', 'enough', 'hike' (to stay close, such as when I am mounted- similar to 'heel'), 'take it, 'give it', 'off', 'leave it', etc.  I gave in and started her on my flock of ducks and she is so talented and intense.  She naturally wants to keep a good distance and settles when the flock settles.  She lies down on command (on balance) and is beginning to learn flanking words, 'away' and 'come bye'.  She is beginning to learn 'get out', 'steady' and 'walk up', too." 

"I am not what you would call an expert stockdog trainer, but it seems almost that I am simply reminding her of things she already knew.  When I unveil her at a local trial, I am expecting to talk about her to a lot of people.  She is very good looking, too.  People comment on how sweet and pretty she is.  (And then she jumps up on them, and then I scold her to get 'off' :-)  )  She is my companion all day, almost every day."