(Karrobar Moss X Noonbarra Abby)

Black & Tan Male    Born: 3rd April 2002

Owned by Alan Picker of Goulburn

Noonbarra Moss was sold to a fine wool Merino farming property at Goulburn. The owner wanted a dog that was both an outstanding worker as well as a companion dog and work mate.

A GREAT DOG - Hi Mary & Stephen, sorry I've been so long in answering, it was good to hear from you. Thanks for the tips on training, they were very helpful.

"Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. I start my holidays next week and I am looking forward to doing some regular sheep training during my month off work. MOSS is just over seven months now and the time seems right to do a bit more than we have been doing. He appears to have matured and steadied in the last few weeks. I must say he is a pleasure to work with. Keep in contact - Al & Diane Picker

Moss has since returned to Noonbarra for a training day and went very well. We took this photo of him while he was waiting to work.

Noonbarra Moss has since gone on to win a Yard Dog Trial in his first try. His owner has now ordered another Noonbarra Kelpie.