(Noonbarra Marco X Noonbarra Judy)

Noonbarra Angel looked like a little Angel when she was a puppy and the name stuck.

She is a dog that forms a strong bond and once you have that relationship with her she has complete trust in you. She is very pretty and well structured to be able to run all day without tiring. We really like her athletic build and fine features and she reminds us of many of the old-style kelpies such as Liscannor Kay and Noonbarra Vicky.

Noonbarra Angel was mated to Noonbarra Dan in 2002 and had a litter of Four pups but one died at birth. All the pups were good natured and good looking. Two have gone to family homes mainly as companions. We have kept Noonbarra Sue in the Stud and she is a beautiful pup like her mum and very endearing. Sue is already showing an amazing degree of natural working ability on the sheep that surpasses both her sire and dam.