This section has important information on the main Noonbarra Kelpies used by our Stud's Kelpie breeder program in recent times. Not all these Kelpies are currently being bred of course. Although we have always only run a small Stud, we have been going a very long time and our Noonbarra Kelpies have made a big reputation for themselves far beyond the number of dogs we breed each year.  We are Kelpie breeders who have strived year after year to produce the best possible Kelpies and had great success.

We often only breed a small number of pups each year. We like to keep it a small family run Stud. We need to keep it so each pup can have complete individual care. It ensures each pup gets maximum socialising, training and assessment. But we are also breeding enough Kelpie pups to be able to assess the bloodlines and keep rigid checks on our matings and the progress of our breeding program.

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NOONBARRA GABEWe are well known Kelpie breeders both here in Australia as well as overseas.  We are one of only a handful of 'Parent' Studs in Australia and our bloodlines are used as foundation dogs and in the breeding programs of many other Studs. Our Noonbarra Kelpies have also excelled in Yard, Utility and Arena Sheepdog Trials. They have even won some of Australia's top awards including National and State titles.

Our bloodlines were mainly developed from the great Kalari Basil (1959) and Kalari Joker (1958) and we have bred back to these two famous Working Kelpies very strongly and through their offspring such as the legendary Kelpies, Rockybar Buff, Liscannor Pace, and Chondo Doll. Today our Stud carries more Kalari Basil blood than any other Kelpies in the world.

As Kelpie breeders we have always had natural working ability as our main goal. One of our most important sires was Noonbarra Tim (1986). He was sired by the great Liscannor Pace and was also a great grandson of Liscannor Pace on his other side. He sired some of our best working dogs for many years. We then closely linebred him and produced two outstanding Kelpies in Noonbarra Prince and Noonbarra Gabe. Gabe (now deceased), proved himself to be an excellent sire for our Stud as well as a top worker and companion. We then linebred to him and produced some of the best Kelpies we have ever had. These days all our Stud Kelpies trace back to Noonbarra Tim & Noonbarra Gabe and of course further to Rockybar Buff and Kalari Basil..


In 1997, we lost our best sire ever in Noonbarra Gabe. His influence is still very important in our breeding program today. Noonbarra Gabe was the result of years of learning about bloodlines. His sire, Noonbarra Tim was one of our most influential sires and his sister, Noonbarra Tracey was also a wonderful Kelpie. She went to the Corvette Kelpie Stud. Noonbarra Tim had a great nature and loved everyone and thought everyone loved him. Like his dam Gayleen, he was always a very happy, outgoing dog.

We then mated Noonbarra Tim to Le Cliff Gabee. She was owned by Kerry & Shirley Drew who are now kelpie breeders in their right with their Alinta Stud. Gabee was a very special dog. She had amazing raw natural working ability and she was closely linebred to old Rockybar Buff and the Kalari Basil and Kalari Joker bloodlines. From this mating we only got two puppies, Noonbarra Gabe and Noonbarra Prince.


Gabe was Stephen's main companion dog and he had that same wonderful temperament that was very easy to love. He won and placed in a number of Sheepdog Trials including winning the handlers trial at the Australian National Utility Kelpie Championships in Tasmania 1991(Noonbarra Tina was 2nd), Yard Dog Championships, 2 sheep trials and numerous placings in other trials.

We stopped trialling him in early 1992, after Mary became sick and we scaled down our Stud activities. He was then still only 3 years old. We did however put him in a local sheepdog trial at Manildra in 1994 which he won with 94 points (without any training for two years). It is a disappointment that many people didn't see him as he matured into one of our best dogs ever. Noonbarra Gabe produced a lot of very good dogs for us including, Noonbarra Judy, Noonbarra Butch, Noonbarra Boris, Noonbarra Bonny, Noonbarra Boss II, Noonbarra Penny II, Noonbarra Gabby II, and many others. Noonbarra Judy went on to produce Noonbarra Dusty III and Noonbarra Flash, two of our best workers and sires.

Noonbarra Boss II was the sire of Noonbarra Valerie and Noonbarra Wendy. Noonbarra Prince was in later life, used over Noonbarra Judy & Noonbarra Valerie and produced some of our best pups ever. Prince was a full litter brother to Gabe, put over a daughter of Gabe (Noonbarra Judy) and Grand - Daughter of Gabe (Noonbarra Valerie). This is beautiful line breeding and the pups from both litters were very consistent and every single one a good natural worker. These pups carried over thirty infusions of the famous Kalari Basil genes.

NOONBARRA BROCK II   Ameroo Ned X Noonbarra Emma

Red & tan Male    Born: 17th September 2010

Noonbarra Brock is a young sire by Ameroo Ned and Noonbarra Emma. He is a really lovely dog to own. He was a superb dog right from a puppy. Very easy to handle and adapted to new situations well. Always happy and a devoted type. I would go as far to say he was the perfect puppy for us.

He has been a delight to own and train and makes the most wonderful companion. A dog who is faithful, easy to train, friendly, wants to please and very intelligent. He travels well, and adapts to new situations easily. His breeding goes back to many of the great Kelpies in Australia. He has a great temperament and is a very happy dog.

Brock gives us very nice pups with wonderful temperaments, good with kids, and versatile workers. Happy, friendly outgoing dogs suitable for family companions, dog sports, trick training and sheepdog trials.

Brock is still a fairly young dog and is being put over an increasing number of females.  He has a happy, friendly personality. He is a great mate to have around and is quite gentle while still being a wonderful dog that doesn't get bothered by much and adapts to new situations. Many of his pups have gone to family companion situations and have been ideal for that purpose. He is a very faithful dog himself and tends to produce that in his pups.

His work on sheep is very good. Has good bounce in yards that he inherited from his dad, Ned and he has lovely style in the field from his dam, Emma. Capable of any job.  His pedigree brings in fantastic old famous Kelpies like Phils Creek Nap, Capree Cobb, Glenlogie Lucky, Hortons Squire, Avenpart Zondo and more. Good break-out, point of balance and correct distance on sheep and a good strong approach that tends to keep stubborn sheep moving freely. Nice power to force in races and yards when required. Many of these these traits are difficult to obtain in working dogs these days.

He loves to come out in the car for a drive and we often take him with us to cafes or the leash free dog park in nearby Orange. Sometimes he just goes for a ride and doesn't get out at all, but he still enjoys the drive and being with us. He walks very smoothly on a lead at your side with no pulling and at home is the type of dog that just likes to quietly come up to us and get a pat and maybe a scratch behind the ear and then he likes to sit at our feet. He loves being over at the house and with us.

As a sire, Brock has been outstanding and produced us many first class pups. We have Noonbarra Honey, Noonbarra Jenna and Noonbarra Nikki in the Stud.

Noonbarra Brock relaxing. 




NOONBARRA JIM  (IX)   Noonbarra Ben X Noonbarra Tammy

Red  & Tan Male. Born:  2010

Noonbarra Jim is one of our best loved young sires. He is one of our calmest dogs and has a very laid back, easy going personality. Very easy to train and handle. A very calm dog and a grandson of Noonbarra Jackaroo. He has a lot of Jackaroo's best traits.  Excellent house dog or travelling. Ideal at cafes, dog park etc. Likes to be with you. A very calm and soft natured dog.

He has great breeding. His dad is Noonbarra Ben VIII and his mother is Noonbarra Tammy. Goes back to many outstanding Kelpies of the past such as Noonbarra Jackaroo, Kamileroy Queen, Noonbarra Sarah, Capree Cobb and Futura Ned.

His work on sheep is back to the wonderful old styles we first started with many decades ago. Mostly open paddock with beautiful point of balance, style and walk in. People often get surprised because he is such a calm dog and they think he has no energy and then when working sheep, he runs at full pace to turn sheep back and cuts back to block any runaways and has all the fancy quick footwork and the superb anticipation to hold them in the direction he wants them to go.

Jim is one of our favourite dogs. A great little mate. Jim has given us some absolutely fantastic puppies in recent times and we have a lot of customers that will only have his pups. He walks beautifully on a lead and just walks smoothly by your side. You hardly know he is there. Sometimes you forget you have a dog on the lead. He is also a wonderful dog to go places with. We often take him into town with us and if we stop at a cafe for coffee, he comes along and is perfectly behaved. He just tucks up under our chair and often even the waitress doesn't know we even have a dog. People are always impressed.

Jim travels well in car, he is excellent in the house. Good with people and well liked as he doesn't jump all over them.  

He works nicely on sheep. Doesn't upset them and shows all the old style traits we like to see such as great point of balance, correct distance and break out.

Jim at a cafe.




NOONBARRA DAVE   Noonbarra Boss X Barclays Queen

Dave is a fantastic young sire. He has produced some outstanding pups for us and we are using him as a sire more and more. His dad is Noonbarra Boss who has already made his mark as a top level sire for us. Dave is very friendly and happy. He was well behaved right from a little puppy and has a real zest for life. A nice, affectionate dog who loves to be around you. He can be fast and agile, or calm and settled. Qualities that we value highly.

Dave is a handsome Kelpie and often gets comments when we take him out. He has a sense of fun and loves to meet people. Dave is easy to train and likes to please. He is a very clever dog. Travels well and makes a first class companion. He draws attention wherever he goes. Well behaved at cafes and in car.

He works on sheep very nicely and can handle either nervous or stubborn sheep. Lovely point of balance and will come in when needed. Good work taking sheep off rails, fences etc. Good in the house and settles well. He has that loyal, faithful nature that we like in all our dogs and gets along with other dogs and animals.


Noonbarra Dave - A very handsome Kelpie

Noonbarra Dave as a puppy
He was always well behaved himself as a puppy and here he is out in town at a local cafe.
Note: rawhide chew under his foot.

Noonbarra Dave (when he was a puppy) at a cafe with a friend of ours.

Dave is a perfect dog in our home

Enjoying the sun

Dave out at a cafe

He usually just curls up unless someone at the cafe is patting and fussing over him.


He likes a crate and often puts himself in at night.


Dave on the bed. Yes... the bed! (only after being invited).

Noonbarra Dave

NOONBARRA TILLY III    Noonbarra Ben X Noonbarra Cassie

Red &Tan Female.     Born: Dec 2010

Tilly is an easy dog to work with. She has a sweet, friendly nature and is quite gentle. She learns quickly and has had some obedience training. Walks well on a lead. Travels well in car. Good house dog. Makes a lovely companion for us.

Tilly is a pretty little girl and  from our wonderful dog, Noonbarra Cassie. We bred her especially to get a pup with the excellent qualities of Noonbarra Ben combined with Cassie. She is a full sister (different litter) to Noonbarra Meg VI.

Tilly is a steady and gentle worker and can work close or wide out off her sheep.  She is keen and keeps calm and walks up to sheep slowly and with determination. In most cases she lifts them very gently.

She is not over excitable but loves to come up for a pat and be near us.

Noonbarra Tilly is a very intelligent dog and can learn new things quickly. She also problem solves and is very clever. She works gently on big mobs or just a few. She settles sheep down well and mated to Noonbarra Boss will give us easy going, gentle, friendly pups that are capable of almost anything people can throw at them.  







NOONBARRA ANGIE    Noonbarra Jackaroo X Barclays Kate II

Red &Tan Female.     Born: April 2012

Noonbarra Angie is one of our younger females. She is a half sister to Noonbarra Trixie and by our great late sire, Noonbarra Jackaroo. She is a pretty Kelpie. Light framed and agile. Very focussed in her sheepwork and not afraid if a sheep tries to take her on. This combination will produce some spectacular workers too. Jim is quite a calm dog on sheep and doesn't upset them.

She's a friendly outgoing young Kelpie and is a dog that loves to play and be part of whatever is going on. It's a wonderful combination with Noonbarra Jim and we expect some very happy, friendly type of pups that most of our customers desire.

She is the type of dog that loves a cuddle and is very affectionate. This will be Angie's first litter and we are looking forward to her match with Jim. We expect easy going pups and they should be very good looking too! This breeding brings in a lot of intelligence and they will be great companion dogs. Very suitable for family situations, especially good around children. 


NOONBARRA ROXIE    Ameroo Ned X Noonbarra Chloe

Red & tan Female    Born: 25th April 2010

Noonbarra Roxie is quite a mellow Kelpie and never too excitable but can be very fast when working. Sister to Rosie.

She is a soft natured, very gentle girl. She is very loyal and makes a fantastic companion. She never jumps up on people or causes problems. She loves to be at the house with us and is very well behaved. She is also an excellent dog in a kennel.

She is a very calm Kelpie and is easy to train and handle. Good travelling dog, excellent house dog, heels nicely on a lead with no pulling or excitability. Very easy dog to work with. Roxie is a very nice worker on sheep. She has a wonderful point of balance, good distance and break out, soft approach, moves sheep off fencelines, obedient.

Noonbarra Roxie is a happy type of dog and has a wonderful inner calmness.

Roxie is very gentle.


Nice stylish approach to sheep

Noonbarra Roxie




NOONBARRA SALLY    Ameroo Ned X Noonbarra Nell

Red & tan Female    Born: 6th October 2008

Noonbarra Sally is the type of Kelpie who wants to be with and she makes an ideal companion.

Sally's has had two fantastic litters for us. She's been a fantastic mother and we couldn't be more pleased. If anything, she looks after her pups too well and puts everything into them. We have to feed her constantly at a very high level, just to keep up her condition.

Sally is a lovely sweet girl. Very affectionate and has a real happy personality. She just loves to be with you and whatever you are doing. Sally's mum is Nell, and her dad is our wonderful sire, Ned. She has some superb breeding behind her. She is very loyal and the type of dog that wants to be with you. She is also fast and agile and we expect her offspring to inherit this as well.



NOONBARRA NIKKI    Noonbarra Brock X Noonbarra Sophie

Red & tan Female    Born: 7th May 2012

Noonbarra Nikki is a very gentle, soft natured girl and has produced some really outstanding puppies for us.

Nikki is a beautiful, gentle soft Kelpie. She's the type that loves to have a cuddle or a pat. A lot like her mum, Noonbarra Sophie. She's a very easy going dog and very gentle. She loves to come inside and sit up on the lounge for a while watching TV with us.

She is fantastic around other dogs, including small dogs and puppies. We were recently looking after a 16 year Terrier for a friend and this dog is very frail and gets worried by other dogs but Nikki and her got on fine. That's even with Nikki having pups. That's the kind of personality she has.

Great travelling dog, excellent in crate or kennel, walks well on a lead, good around other dogs.




Nikki with a little friend

NOONBARRA KATIE    Noonbarra Ben X Noonbarra Trixie

Red & tan Female    Born: 26th October 2013

Noonbarra Katie is a very outgoing, friendly Kelpie who loves to play and be involved with whatever we are doing. She has a beautiful gentleness about her and will sit and be patted all day. Like her Mum, Noonbarra Trixie, Katie is a very agile dog and works extremely well on sheep.

She has just had her first litter and has shown to be a fantastic mother.







NOONBARRA MEG    Noonbarra Ben X Noonbarra Cassie

Red & tan Female    Born: 12th July 2011

Noonbarra Meg is one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet. She has a wonderful personality that was inherited from her mum, Cassie and is a half sister to Noonbarra Tilly (also a Cassie daughter).

 She is a fabulous dog to own. She is so easy to have around. A very soft natured, gentle Kelpie, just the type we like and such a fantastic companion dog.

When we go for a walk on a lead, she is perfect. A lovely little dog to take out with you. No pulling, so it makes each walk a real joy. She loves to stop by at a cafe and lie at our feet in the sun, doesn't beg for food, not excitable. Calm and quiet dog in the car too.

Meg is a very affectionate dog and likes to be part of whatever is going on. She loves to be out playing with us.




Noonbarra Meg has a lovely dark coat.

A beautiful loving nature

Here is Meg watching the sheep.

Noonbarra Meg as a puppy


Noonbarra Meg as a puppy

Meg in town getting pats.

Meg in town after being to a cafe with us. (she was pregnant with 1st litter at the time)

NOONBARRA LIZZIE    Noonbarra Jim X Noonbarra Bess

Red & tan Female    Born: 28th July 2013

Noonbarra Lizzie is one of our young upcoming female Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time.



NOONBARRA JILLAROO    Noonbarra Jim X Noonbarra Roobie

Red & tan Female    Born: 7th September 2013

Noonbarra Jillaroo is a superb young Kelpie in every way.  Half sister to Lizzie. Very easy dog to train and extremely smart. She also has a terrific personality and is very friendly and a happy sort of dog.














NOONBARRA ELLIE    Noonbarra Boss X Noonbarra Tilly

Red & tan Female    Born: 24th April 2014

Noonbarra Ellie is one of our young upcoming female Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time. Ellie is the happiest Kelpie on the planet. She loves life, loves people and wants to be with you.






We think she is a beautiful looking girl.


Happiest girl in the world


Comfortable on the sheep

Noonbarra Ellie as a puppy being held by one of our customers on a open day.


Noonbarra Ellie as a puppy





Noonbarra Ellie as a puppy working on sheep.

NOONBARRA MOLLY    Noonbarra Jim X Noonbarra Penny

Red & tan Female    Born: 3rd April 2014


Noonbarra Molly is one of our young upcoming female Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time. Molly is one of our smaller females with a nice rich dark coat and a pretty little face. She is a gentle Kelpie which is not surprising as her Dad is Noonbarra Jim.

She has a soft, gentle nature and is a very affectionate little girl. Loves to be part of whatever is going on with us. Enjoys a car trip.



NOONBARRA AMY    Noonbarra Boss X Noonbarra Maggie

Red & tan Female    Born: 8th December 2013

Noonbarra Amy is one of our young upcoming female Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time. We think she is one of our prettiest young Kelpies. She has a lighter coat, like Rosie and light tan markings. She is a very affectionate and loving dog and will snuggle into you for a cuddle.


NOONBARRA JENNA    Noonbarra Brock X Noonbarra Pepper

Red & tan Female    Born: 26th November 2013

Noonbarra Jenna is one of our young Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time.


NOONBARRA HONEY    Noonbarra Brock X Noonbarra Nell

Red & tan Female    Born: 20th May 2013

Noonbarra Honey is one of our young Kelpies and has not had any pups at this time. Honey was one of the easiest puppies growing up and we expect her to put that same fantastic personality into her own puppies.


Not all our Stud Kelpies have been listed here just some that have made a bit of a name for themselves over the years. Many others have won or placed in sheepdog trials.

However many of our good dogs never saw a trial ground but their owners thought very highly of their ability. Noonbarra Boris at Mudgee comes to mind, as does Noonbarra Dan who went to John Parrington. There was Noonbarra Kelly, one of our best forcing bitches, and Noonbarra Bonny who the owner later said "is simply a great bitch" and "a one in a lifetime dog". Then there was Noonbarra Jake who went to Lake Cargelligo in 1985, Noonbarra Ram, Noonbarra Tracey, Noonbarra Debby, Noonbarra Toby and dozens of others.




Noonbarra Working Kelpie Stud
Mary and Stephen Bilson.
539 Lookout Road, Mullion Creek via Orange

Postal Address: P.O. Box 1374, Orange NSW 2800, Australia
Ph. (02) 6366 0499

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