Noonbarra Banjo III was a lovely little male puppy sold to Matt and Alicia Cowden at Oakdale in NSW. Matt is a work mate of Greg Payne who has Noonbarra Indy.

" A quick note to let you know how Banjo is going. We have enclosed a picture taken last week so you can see how much he has grown."

"Banjo mastered the lead the first walk we took him on. We ventured out for a walk the day after he arrived at his new home. It took about 10 minutes for him to get the feel of the lead and he hasn't looked back (although he much prefers to walk on his own, so a free run in the park after a ball is most enjoyed.)"

"We have been going to puppy classes - he is the smartest there, but has the most spunk!! He stands up for himself when the older, bigger dogs want to play a bit too rough. He was the star pupil last week at the puppy classes, winning a musical chair type game (the last dog to sit was out). Banjo managed to be the quickest to sit each time and won a squeaky toy and some chews. Banjo has learnt to sit, drop, come and stay (well stay needs a bit more practice, but he is getting there!!)"

"His Vet is happy with his progress - good strong hearbeat, good gums and teeth and weighs in at 7.3 kilograms. Banjo and Cooper are getting along really well (we think they will grow up as great friends) Cooper has learnt a new word -'sit' - he has heard us tell Banjo to sit and now happily repeats it when he thinks it is needed. Banjo loves the sun. He sits on the front steps in the morning and then moves to the back steps in the afternoon. "



Noonbarra Stud Video   2000/2001

This video shows the Noonbarra Kelpies working at all aspects of sheepwork including Droving, Mustering, Sheepdog Trials and Yard work. There are also special sections on Kelpies as companion dogs and pets and a section on Kelpie puppies. It shows our dogs interacting with children and strangers and being indoor dogs. Professionally finished with Titles, commentary and music.

Includes cover case and colour insert. For more detailed info see our video page. Click here.

AUD $15.00 plus $5.00 postage (Australia). Available in international formats too!


Noonbarra Working Kelpie Stud

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