(Noonbarra Dusty III X Capree Dyna)

Owned by Hubert Sanders Michigan USA

Noonbarra Bee Jay was sold to America. He was a very calm easy to handle dog. When we took him to Orange airport they put down a crate and we just said 'go into the crate' and he walked in a laid down. The airline staff were amazed at him.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bilson, Bee Jay is doing fine. After our daily exercise he romps around the house for a bit and then settles right down in the living room.

 He has been toilet trained from the day he arrived. I simply took him out after he ate each time and he learned very quickly when and where he should relieve himself. This puppy winning our hearts was very easy to do. I am impressed with his intelligence. There is absolutely no comparison with any dog I have raised to his independent actions.

 I understand quite well on what you were trying to impress upon me on his training. I can't give him one inch or he will take a mile. He has taught me to be very consistent with him. I am very pleased with his personality. He thinks that every one we meet loves him. I took him to the pet shop today. He is now resting in his crate. Which happens to be larger than the little one he arrived in. He must weigh at least 50 pounds already. I know my exercise is not like working sheep but he does get some. I received the remaining papers from you and thank you for your attempt to follow up. I was on holiday and missed your call. I will try to give you updates as time passes. Maybe the next time I contact you by email I will have a few pictures attached. May God Bless and keep you always.