Noonbarra Jackaroo X Noonbarra Meg II

Red & tan Male     Born: 30th April 2006

Owned by Julia and Liam in Melbourne.

Julia and Liam also own Noonbarra Atilla. He has his own page. Click Here

Cruz, like Atilla, was bought to compete in the dog sport of Agility with Julia.

August 2006

Hi Mary and Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know I received Cruz's certificate in the mail, thank you.

Stephen - you need to know that you have no chance of getting him back, (although for the first week Atilla would have happily gift wrapped him for you and put him in the mail : 'I'm your red and tan boy and you don't need another one') but once again you have made an amazing choice, harder work than Atilla in some ways, but so responsive.

I have put some photos into a word document ... I promise that some better ones are coming, but just wanted to let you know how terrific he is and to touch base,

cheers, Julia


Noonbarra Cruz meets Noonbarra Atilla

Atilla hated him for about a week and a half but now they’re best friends.

The cranky cattledog has been fine with him from the word go – go figure !

Love watching the 4 of them running together, Atilla and Cruz herd the other two, but their style is totally different, Atilla likes to circle, then come in from the sides/rear, Cruz tries to head them. He is really similar to Atilla in lots of ways but totally different in others, love the combination of personality.

Haven’t done as much training with him as I did with Atilla at this stage, think the warmer weather and daylight saving at the time Tilz was this age was more conducive to longer sessions – but he is so eager to train ! Has a great sit and drop, stay is coming on really well, can recall him to my hand on both sides (very handy for start line at agility) and we have started nose touches to a target and some foundation ladder work for beginning rear end awareness. He got under the gate when I was training Atilla last week and followed him through the tunnel, no problems. Has great toy drive and is happy to work for food too, but is a very fussy eater – this stressed me at first as the others are vacuum cleaners, but have learnt not to worry about it too much – he eats when he is hungry.


This is my favourite photo – he looks so cute and so cheeky !

He has learned very quickly that sitting and making eye contact will get him what he wants – within reason !

We have an owl that comes into our shed some nights that has a very similar expression so Liam has christened him ‘the Owl !’  He loves the vet as he gets to play with the vet’s 2 year old kelpie/lab X and they love him as apparently he is the only dog that their dog will play with so far.



Sept 2006 

Cruz started puppy class at obedience last week and he was an absolute legend - he has great focus at home but I thought he would be very distracted by all the other puppies.

Once he settled down he worked beautifully. 

He's getting on really well with Atilla, but he has become 'Bosnich's best friend' which is a big surprise.

I have taken lots of new photos of him (and Atilla) so I will burn them onto a CD and send them to you so you can see how much he has grown. (and how handsome he is - not that I'm biased)






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