Red & tan Male.  Born: 2nd October 2004

Sire: NOONBARRA JACKAROO ( Noonbarra Max X Noonbarra Lizzie)

 Dam:  NOONBARRA SUE (Bonorong Rex  X Noonbarra Sarah)

Owned by Rosemary Fisk-Dunn - Tasmania

"Just know that yet another of your dogs is well loved, much admired, well cared for and has a fantastic life. "

This was a very good litter from two terrific Kelpies. Jack went all the way to Tasmania and we got this lovely letter from his owner.

"Jack has been with us for 10 days now and he is all we hoped for. He is a confident, happy, affectionate pup, and very clever. He seems extremely pleased with his chosen family and home, although he isn't too sure of the horses! Jack has made friends with our old dog and they play together well. He has even made a friend of one of the young Siamese; they clearly play games of strategy; retreat and advance. "

Jack has learnt to sit and "c'mon" well. He can walk on a lead, although as I don't pull him, but encourage and praise, sometimes it can take a while to get past an exciting smell! This is getting better though. "Come Here" the definitive Come hither No Matter What is excellent on lead (and even on 2 lengths of baling twine today) but I haven't tried it off lead yet; I don't want to fail.

"Down" is good, but again I don't try it when he is distracted (and I need it because he's chasing the b' chooks again! They will run away.....). "On Your Bed" is one we are working on, by saying it every time we put him on his bed. Jack really loves the cushion bed we got him, and always takes his chewy things there, and nearly always sleeps there, provided it is in the same room as me! We soon stopped using the crate at night because the bed was so successful; he sleeps on it in our room and I get up once or twice a night to take him outside when I hear him stir . "Do a wee" is reasonably successful for me; he doesn't like the cold and wants to come inside and I think now associates doing a wee with being able to come back in (I stand out in the cold too, mind you, so I'm keen too: it was 6.8 degrees last night!). I am sure there are other things he is picking up, he is so clever. We discuss what phrases we will use, like "in the car", or "inside", "outside", "get the ball", "leave it" and so on and try to all use them appropriately.

Jack loves going for walks around the trails, especially with our old dog. He likes to be played with, to chew his chewy things, and to stalk beetles and ants. He has started to explore the whole house and was so funny when he discovered the small bowl of meaty bites for the old dog to snack on in the laundry; Jack took them one at a time to eat on his bed! They aren't there any more. Jack also likes to chew the base of our bed where the kittens have damaged it but we discourage this.

Jack is admired by all, and gets lots of pats and attention wherever we go. One day last week we took him with us to where we are trialling a new pony for Gabi; he was excited by the smells and activity and other dog, as well as all the cuddles and pats he received from the tribe of girls at the riding school. Jack eventually collapsed under a chair, and didn't wake when Mark picked him up and put him in the car, drove home, carried him out of the car and onto his bed. He needs his sleep! He slept a lot after he came to get hay with us and played with a Dalmatian there for an hour. However, I have already noticed he is sleeping less. He isn't uncontrollably excitable though, he will settle and stop chewing etc when told too. The only real issues have been the chooks and the loose but tame rabbits; they will run away and it is so tempting for him, but he is learning the growl and no, leave it, and then praise when he does. it's just like having a toddler around again.

 So thank you so much for choosing such a wonderful friend for us. Even our 15 and 13 year old boys say he's "awesome" and want to know when he will catch a ball (I'm working on it). Mark and Gabi (aged 11) are besotted. Our taciturn farrier said "now that's a real dog". He is truly a beautiful dog, and as I write this I look down at Jack dozing on his bed, and he looks up at me and stretches in contentment. Good dog Jack.

love, Rose, and all the Dunns.

Noonbarra Jack VI before leaving Noonbarra Stud


Just a quick note to say how great Jack is. He is a beautiful looking dog and equally impressive in his behaviour. But above all, I think he is happy. Today he came to the tip with us (he is pretty well always with one of us) standing on the back seat of "his" ute, one front paw on the centre console, and one on my shoulder. Face alert, calm, looking through the front windscreen. Every now and then he would give Mark or I a quick nuzzle. Ready for action, but expecting only good things to happen.

Jack is coming out horse riding with me now and behaving very well. He will tie up in the arena if I have a lesson and whinge a bit, but then give up and just watch or go to sleep.  He runs most days with Mark and does not need a lead. He comes, stops, lies down, comes behind all on command; staying isn't set in concrete if there's another dog to play with yet though! 

He loves to round up the chickens and the released rabbits but knows he is not allowed through the fences, or in the chook yard, or to actually chase or catch them, so we let the rounding up go; he has so much energy! Jack fetches balls, sticks, squeaky toys and brings them back to be thrown again. The 15 year old son who can't wait to leave home into a tidy, animal hair free flat, thinks Jack is a "legend". Mark adores him and Gabi our daughter loves to play with him.

I had to take Jack to another horse show 2 weeks ago that Gabi had entered, and as dogs were strictly forbidden, he had to have a very low profile. He sat under the front of the car and either watched quietly or slept for 6 hours. Given he is usually active all morning and snoozes in the middle of the day and evening I was very very pleased with him! Absolutely no barking, jumping up or excited behaviour at all. I have given your stud's name out to a few people!

Jack was desexed last week so I will register him with the council tomorrow; I think we have until they are 6 months old, which is very soon. We are having trouble keeping him "quiet" while the stitches are still in but never the less there is no bruising or other problems. Jack is a picture of health, vitality and well being. And when he is sound asleep, if you stroke his back he groans and turns upside down, without even opening his eyes. He is completely toilet trained, has been for months, so when he wants to go out he goes to the door and puts a paw up to it. If we are inattentive, he gives a quick bark. He has trained us too!

I could go on and on but that's enough. We love Jack and Jack loves us. 

Thank you for our dog, 



Noonbarra Jack VI at his new home in Tasmania.

Noonbarra Jack VI relaxing at his new home

Photo by owner

Jack is nearly one now and such a beautiful dog. He is very happy too. Every day he gets either a run, a walk, or comes horse riding, some days 2 of these, today all three! He is always with us, loves to come in the car or pottering about the property with us. He also likes to watch Gabi's rabbits in their run, and keep an eye on the horses.

Jack has developed excellent road sense, which is important as he loves to come on long rides, and that means roads. Quiet, gravel roads for the most part, but he will stay off the road himself, or moves off with a hand signal and the instruction "Jack! Off the road!". That he will always follow me, and not disappear after another dog or a rabbit is something I took for granted until someone said how they couldn't ride with their dog, or take him off the lead as he  would run off.

Jack always comes when called, even if he's reluctant, distracted or busy! He will also stop, sit and stay on command, and "wait" , a softer stop, until I catch up. Jack is such a pleasure to have around, inside and out, because he is so well behaved. We are, however, still working on not jumping up when he greets with joy whoever has been at work that day!

He is great friends with the old dog.. the children all love Jack too, although he isn't as obedient with them as with Mark and I.  Jack is closely bonded to Mark and I, and prefers to stay with us, but is faithful to the family. Overall, he is a huge success and we all love him very very much. I am sure that even though he doesn't have sheep to round up, he is completely happy with his active, interesting life as an integral member of our family. I have sent a picture of Jack helping play Monopoly with Gabi and friend,


September 2007

Dear Mary and Stephen, I am very sorry to hear of your health troubles and do very sincerely wish that all goes well with you.

Our Jack in Tasmania is now nearly 3 and the most wonderful, and most loved dog you can imagine. He has a magic life, with one of us pretty much all the time, being busy with the horses and generally scarpering about our property, and coming on rides.

He's wonderful because he never leaves our boundaries without us, although he loves to run up and down the fence with dogs on the trails, he always comes when called, gets "off the road" when he comes out riding along the quiet roads and trails when asked, and is generally completely and perfectly behaved.

He just sits and waits beside the arena when I have a dressage lesson, and never goes onto an arena. He does like to sleep on our bed though! He's trained us well too; we feed him when he paws at the dog food, and open the door for him when he barks. Jack knows each family member by name and finds us when asked. He knows 3 of the horses by name.

Really we don't have to teach him much, he picks up language so easily. He is a picture of health and happiness, and is especially cute when he collapses upside down on his bed at the end of another busy day.

He has had one accident; Jack loves to sit with the horses, and we think one must have stood on the end of his tail, so that he pulled it out and de-lodged it. So more than a year ago now, Jack had some 10cm of tail amputated. He was amazingly calm and cooperative with the dressings and now of course it is barely noticeable, just a bit short.

I've included a couple of pictures of our Jack. Thank you so much for him, we love him very, very much.

Please don't answer this email, you have enough happening. Just know that yet another of your dogs is well loved, much admired, well cared for and has a fantastic life. As I write Jack has just come inside (from feeding the horses) and is tearing around the house playing with my husband, who is on his hands and knees barking at Jack......

Our very kindest regards and best wishes.

Rosemary Dunn, Hobart, Tasmania.