A long-overdue note to tell you that Krypto is an extraordinary dog. She started Puppy Kindergarten two weeks ago and has been performing well at Sit, Wait, Down.

Her house-training has been perfect for about a month (since 3.5 months age). She would ask to go outside by waiting at the front door. So I decided to hang a bell on a ribbon at the door. That way Krypto could signal us if we happened not be within view of the door.

She needed no training to understand the use of the bell. The bell chimed for the first time when I opened the door for
her trip outside. About two hours later I heard the bell. There was Krypto sitting at the door, ringing the bell to be let out. She was not just playing with the bell; she did need to go out.

And Krypto has been perfect  about the bell ever since. She has taken it seriously, never as a to


Noonbarra Scott in Germany playing ball games. His mother Noonbarra Libby also loved playing with large Soccer Balls and would play by herself or with others. Teaching games with balls can be a lot of fun for the dog and owner.


Noonbarra Bonnie lives in Queensland and is a much loved family companion. She is a full sister to Noonbarra Rose and Noonbarra Jackaroo.

"I forgot to tell you in my last email that Bonnie goes out to pick up the paper when it is delivered 3 times a week.  Most of the time she will drop it for us but occasionally she tries to take off with it and play."


Rose's owner saw an article we wrote for Kelpie News on training tricks and soon had Rose performing a trick.

" Hi!  I read your article in the latest Kelpie News about teaching the dogs tricks and I'd love to see another article on more advanced or unusual tricks. However, the article inspired me to go ahead and teach Rose something new.

We decided to try to teach her to walk on 2 legs. She really seems to be a natural at it. We still need to hold up treats for her to do it, but she's increasing the time she stays up almost every day, and she's definitely got the point now. To start off with, the hardest was keeping her from jumping up. Hopefully soon she'll do it without the treat as well. "

Rose loves it when I throw balls, sticks...whatever into the water and she leaps in and swims to get them...BUT she will never bring the object out of the water. She lets go of it about a meter or so from the edge and then looks at me and waits for me to throw it back in....which is sometimes very hard if I don't want to get wet feet and we've lost a few things as a result......

Today I brought my daughter to the park as it's school holidays...and guess what! I've been trying for weeks to make this dog bring things out of the water and suddenly she does it for Helena...over and over again! I asked her "how" and she just said "I told Rose to do it". Then I tried to throw the ball in...and she did the same old thing...dropped it in the water...not until I left did she bring it out of the water and gave it to my daughter!! Explain that!

Noonbarra Matilda III

"This is Matilda doing one of her tricks she is giving high 5 she now gives 10"

Noonbarra Bindi

Bindi has done just about everything. She has excelled in Obedience competitions, done well in Flyball and Agility Dogsports. Has won a sheepdog trial and has worked on movies and T.V. commercials.

This is Bindi's new trick. She wasn't taught this but watched Angela's other dog Reba perform it and quickly taught herself. When Angela sneezes, Bindi goes over and gets her a tissue.


Noonbarra Bindi brings the tissue to Angela. This performance was done in the paddock here when Bindi recently came up for some sheep training. It was great to watch. She also did some 'Flyball' for us.

Bindi also brings in the mail at home and is learning new things every day. She was a lead role in the movie, Jessica and has appeared in TV ads for Toyota, Nutri-Grain, McDonalds and many others.

 Noonbarra Tammi

"At Stephen's request I've attached some recent pictures of Tammi.  They're all taken during a couple of training sessions.  As you can see I haven't exaggerated.  Tammi is quite wonderful."

Noonbarra Tammi jumping over arm


Noonbarra Tammi jumping through arm

Noonbarra Tammi jumping over owner

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