Due to our reputation as one of Australia's leading Kelpie breeding Studs, many of these Noonbarra Kelpie puppy litters have early bookings. If you are interested in any of our Kelpie puppies from any litter please let us know as soon as possible and we can tell you if the gender, colour & suitability of a pup in that particular litter is still available. Due to their popularity there is often a waiting period so please book early.



Essential to be on waiting list

KELPIE PUPPY LITTER BORN - Noonbarra Ben - Noonbarra Sally     

The good news is that we can now get puppies once again to most Australian states. Prices are slightly higher than before Covid but nowhere as bad as we thought they would be.
NT is still too expensive but we expect that to drop once Virgin airlines are doing more domestic flights and we don't have to organise an overnight stop out of hours. Many customers have now waited more than a year for their puppies and we understand their frustration. Many have already named their puppies and/or bought dogs beds etc. It's been such a long wait.

So we have decided to continue breeding this year into winter and try to help everyone to get their puppies. We hope to fill most interstate orders by the end of July. Obviously we try hard to get a good match for each customer so sometimes that takes a little longer. So if you have been waiting patiently, please be assured that we are doing our very best to get you a great little puppy as soon as we possible can.


DURING COVID THE STUD IS CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS EXCEPT CUSTOMERS PICKING UP   (Special conditions such as masks & meeting outside may apply at certain times)



All our Australian Kelpie puppies bred at the Noonbarra Kelpie Stud get the very best in individual attention, handling, socialising and training. Important too are diet and health issues such as regular worming at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age, vaccinations including Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis and veterinary examination of each pup. Each puppy is also Microchipped. Some years we only breed a very small number of puppies and often we have months without any puppies, so bookings are extremely important. We still like to keep it as an all family run Stud.

The Bilson family has been involved in breeding & training Kelpies for just over 100 years and over many decades of breeding with three generations of our family, we have bred thousands of high class Kelpies over the last century and this puts us in a unique position that very few breeders can lay claim to. Our Noonbarra Kelpie bloodlines are highly regarded throughout Australia and around the World and our dogs today trace strongly back to the great Kalari Basil and Kalari Joker (with more infusions than any other bloodline in Australia) and then the lines trace directly further back to the legendary Coil and to all of the very first great Kelpies of the mid 1800's. All our Kelpie puppies are guaranteed 100% to work by 8 months of age. (WKC Guarantee plus health guarantee). Please always book ahead as there is often a waiting period to get one of our Noonbarra Kelpies. You must book with a $150 deposit (non-refundable) if you are serious about getting one of our puppies. See information on deposits below. All our Kelpies are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.







Red (brown) & Tan Kelpie Female For Sale - 7 years old     

 Available Now  _ NOW SOLD

7 years old.

This is a very gentle, smaller female Kelpie up for sale. Obviously we want to place her somewhere that she will be happy and the owners are happy too. Selling as a companion dog only - not as a breeder. We want her to have a happy life with someone who has a little experience with dogs, is kind and gentle and will give her some attention. We are not overly fussy, we just want someone who will love her. She's a great dog for someone who doesn't want a very active dog. We are hoping to find the right person to match with her.

I think the key words for this girl would be smaller in size, very gentle, a little sensitive but not shy and not in any way excitable.

She is being sold with full pedigree papers. She is microchipped. She has just had a full veterinary check up and booster vaccinations. People always comment on how gentle she is. She just loves a pat and will often just put her head on your lap. However if she wants her own way, just like all dogs, she can be a little pushy and you'll need to be a person who can set basic boundaries when required. We'd like to find a kind, gentle person to have her but all the same, the owner can't be a pushover. She likes a routine and needs a few rules too.

She likes to be close to you, follows you around and is always interested in whatever you are doing. She is in good condition and has a nice glossy coat and looks good. She loves to come into the house and likes nothing better than to lie on the sofa or lying beside the fire with TV on.

She is a lovely soft natured dog and very affectionate. She's very calm and not a dog to jump up on people. She is also a gentle, dog to work with. She loves a cuddle and would be great company for the right person. She likes to put her head on your lap for a cuddle. She gets along well with dogs that she knows here and is currently living inside with our sire, Brock and adult female, Lucy but she has also been kennelled with a number of other dogs. Not sure how she'd be with strange dogs. I would think a boisterous or a big dominant dog might make her uncomfortable.

In the last few years she has been kept on the farm so she will need some time to readjust to the traffic, noise or crowds etc. She has a lot of love to give. She would make a wonderful friend for someone and of course it would enhance her life as well. She does like her comfort and is happy to be a couch potato. Lol. So she would also be a lovely companion for a retired person who just wants a dog to be with them and they can enjoy each others company. She doesn't get excited and is not a jumper however she has plenty of energy when it's required and would be perfect for taking hiking etc.

This girl is a loving dog who loves to snuggle up and be patted but is also quite happy to be on her own without any problems. She is a real sweetie. Going to a new home, we expect her to be well out of her comfort zone for the first few days and most likely be a little subdued. After settling in well to a new home she will still be a quiet dog and she's not the type to get too excited or jump all over you. She is NOT a shy dog at all but she is a gentle natured dog. Like all our Kelpies, she is usually happy and good in most situations but she still has a sensitive side and every now and then might be temporarily uncomfortable in new strange places or situations. Most of the time, she's a very relaxed dog but of course going to a new home she will take a few weeks to be really comfortable but I think she'll be fairly good within the first week. She is excellent in the car. No car sickness or excitability. We have had her travel in the back as well as the passenger foot area and she has been great. She is a delight to walk on a lead.

First time walking around in PetBarn

She's a bit of a sticky-beak and likes to follow you around checking what you are doing. She will often just lie down near you while you are working. 

If you are interested in this beautiful adult dog then please email through to us some basic information on your situation and any details that you feel may be important. Children, other animals, location and environment. Include your phone number and we'll give you a call as soon as we possibly can and discuss things. We don't ask too much of people. We mostly only want a loving home that has secured fencing and where the dog will be walked on a regular basis and have a good life.

With all of our adult dogs it is essential that the customer comes to us and meets the dog. We will not send any adult dogs to interstate or to overseas customers. We usually get a lot of interstate enquiries for adult dogs and if the placement sounds good then we are happy to place the dog but not without the customer coming to the Stud and meeting the dog.   


We have too many dogs to give her all the time she deserves. We do a few days with her here and there and she enjoys all the attention but then we have little puppies to train or farm work and she is left in a play yard and kennel for days at a time. She would much prefer to be with us. We took her to a cafe recently with friends and she was so quiet no one even knew she was there. My friends said she was adorable. Haha.

She had a litter not too long ago and her hormones would be just getting back to normal now. This is a silly thing to say but please note that as a dog who has been a mother, she will have teats that are a bit bigger than a non-breeder. Most people obviously don't care but we have had some customers in the past that have been a bit weird and little things like this bothered them.

She walks very nicely on a lead and doesn't pull you all over the place. She hasn't had any serious training in the last few years and we can't really do more than the basics for this price. She is well looked after here and gets to play with dogs but she usually just prefers to be around us. Lying in the sun at our feet on the verandah or going for a walk. Living here, she is still just one dog in the Stud and our time is shared with a lot of other dogs, especially puppies so of course we can't give her the attention that a person can being with her every day. If we can't find the right placement for her, then she'll just retire and spend the rest of her life here. In the past she has been into town and to cafes etc. and walks well on the lead and is a good car travelling dog.




Out at cafe with friends. This was a person she didn't know but he's a quiet calm man and after a few minutes she moved over to get a few pats.
Later she just curled up while we were eating and talking.






Red (brown) & Tan Kelpie Female For Sale - 7 years old

 7 years old.

We have a lovely older female up for sale to the 'right' home. Obviously we want to place her somewhere that she will be happy and the owners are happy too. Selling as a companion dog only - not as a breeder. She is a lovely natured dog and very affectionate. She has a wonderful soft nature and a happy personality. Although she likes to lie around and sometimes do nothing all day, she also enjoys being more active and doing interesting stuff. Going for walks, car rides, sitting at cafes .. that sort of thing. Don't expect her to be too lazy. This girl is still a fun loving and active dog. She would fit in best with an owner who is willing to take her on walks on a regular basis.

She has been one of our breeding dogs and a great mum and she had a litter of pups not too long ago and we have retired her from breeding and we'd like to find a lovely caring home where she gets a lot of attention. We often retire our ex-breeders here at the stud but of course they don't get as much attention as they would in a happy home with someone who has the time to spoil them and play with them on a regular basis. So we prefer it if we can find the right placement.

This girl is a loving dog who loves to snuggle up and be patted. Very affectionate. She is a real sweetie. The lady who helped here cleaning and feeding etc really liked her and gave her special attention. She doesn't mind being spoiled. Don't be fooled by her age. She is very agile and playful.  She's a happy, friendly, outgoing type of dog. Although she is relaxed and good in most situations, like most of our adult dogs, she still has a sensitive side and every now and then can be temporarily uncomfortable in strange new places or situations. She usually gets used to it very quickly. She is not a shy or timid dog in any way. Once she settles into her new home she will be a lot more adaptable of course. She has spent the majority of her life on a farm. She's very affectionate and can sometimes get a bit pushy for a pat and a cuddle so she'd be better with an owner that will set a few boundaries and not let her get away with too much.

It's only been in the last week or so that we have taken her out off the farm. She was great at a cafe while we both had lunch and got used to all the noise and people passing by. She also got a few nice pats which she enjoyed. See photos. We'd like someone who buys her to take her out to places like this as well. It's good training and good bonding between the dog and owner. We also took her for a walk through Bunnings and Petbarn. She was incredibly good and walked smoothly on the lead, sat while I was looking at things and got plenty of pats from customers.

She weaned a litter of puppies not too long ago and so still has a couple of larger teats. See photos.
They may retract a little more in time or they might not. If that's something that bothers you, please don't enquire about her. We can't change it. Lol.
Most people couldn't care less but we have seen in the past some people are a bit weird about little things like that.

She's very happy sitting on the sofa with you watching TV or lying in a dog bed but she is just as happy doing long walks, hiking, running or even out mountain biking. If you are a trail runner or something, she won't have any problem keeping up. Although she is well behaved and a lovely natured dog, she hasn't had much training as a pet/house dog and we honestly don't have the extra time to spend doing it and that is reflected in the extremely low price. So although she is really good already, we do expect the new owner to at least do some basic work there. She's very smart and learns quickly.  She like a routine too and absolutely loves her dog bed in the house. She already knows that's her special place and is enjoying herself being an inside dog. 

She is the prettiest little Kelpie and people often comment on her looks. Lovely glossy dark coat and good muscle. She settles very well but can sometimes get excitable too. She is a dog that needs to be involved. She wants to be around you and doing things. She is definitely not a dog that would like to be kennelled or neglected for long periods and that is the main reason we are selling her. We think a good placement for her would be a household where someone is around a lot of the time. We just have too many dogs to give her all the time she deserves. We do a few days with her here and there and she blossoms but then we are snowed under working with other dogs and she missing out a bit. She really likes to be with us.

She has a lovely gentleness that we admire. She travels well in the car and not too excitable or car sick. She jumps into the back on command. She's well behaved at cafes and when out. She has been crated overnight sometimes in the past. She walks well on a lead but once again, she hasn't had much training for years in that regard. She has a playful nature and likes to be with you and involved in what's going on.

We always get many dozens of calls and emails whenever we have an adult dog for sale but we need to be very sure the placement is right for her as well as the customer. Adult dogs take a little bit of time to be their normal self in a new home and situation. The owner has to be aware that an adult dog will be out of their comfort zone for a while. From past experience, it takes a few days for them to feel relaxed and a few weeks for them to fully enjoy their new life and bond solidly with their owner. However, even though they might be 90% or even 95% settled in they will still take about 12 weeks to be 100% adjusted to their new life.

She is a happy, playful dog and even though she settles extremely well, she will still require the same amount of exercise as a younger dog.



If you are interested in this beautiful adult dog then please email through to us some basic information on your situation and any details that you feel may be important. If you have children, other animals, location and environment. That sort of thing. Include your phone number and we'll give you a call as soon as we possibly can and discuss things.

We don't ask too much of people. We mostly only want a loving home that has secured fencing and where the dog will be walked on a regular basis and have a good life.

With all of our adult dogs it is essential that the customer comes to us and meets the dog. We will not send any adult dogs to interstate or overseas customers. We usually get a lot of interstate enquiries for adult dogs and if the placement sounds good then we are happy to place the dog but not without the customer coming to the Stud and meeting the dog.   




First time in Bunnings. She was a very good girl.



First time at a cafe (2021) getting a pat from a passer by.

At home in dog bed.

If we can't find the right home for her, we'll just keep her here forever but she will only have a day here and there where she will be house dog so it would be wonderful if she could find someone who would like to share their life with her.  Once she settles into a new home she should be easy to handle, train and work with. Walks fine on a lead, knows basic obedience and is responsive and affectionate. She doesn't act like an older dog at all. She can still jump, run and play like a adolescent. She is a real nice dog and and liked by all who meet her. She hasn't had very much exposure to children but when she has, she has been very good. A few customers have met her with children and she seemed to really enjoy being around them.

On a walk through Bunnings 

She will have a full veterinary checkup and booster vaccination shot before sale. 





First time at a Cafe in 2021



KELPIE LITTER BORN - May 2021-   Now Booked out

Noonbarra Ben - Noonbarra Sally

Price for 8 week old puppies $1800

   This litter has only just been listed but we have already got a lot of bookings especially interstate. Sally often has big litters so anyone interested should make a booking as soon as possible. Also lately so many customers have had to change their plans many times. Especially interstate customers, so nothing is certain. We expect another litter in June and this year maybe also July. We don't usually breed during the colder months but this year we had a big backlog with quite a few interstate customers waiting since late 2019. So after those litters we'll probably won't have any more pups until December or January 2022. We are also retiring some of our mums so we will have less litters in 2022 and from then onwards.

Ben is a wonderful young sire for us. Ben's dad is Noonbarra Dave who has already made his mark as a top level sire for us and is very popular with our customers. Ben is very similar both, looks and personality. He is a very friendy, happy dog. He loves to be around you and involved with whatever you are doing. He was a wonderful dog right from a little puppy and was easy to train. He has a real sense of play and fun and is always happy. Ben is a very clever dog and learns things quickly. 

We think he's a very handsome Kelpie and we often gets comments at cafes etc. when we take him into town. People love patting him. Ben, just like his dad, Dave, was so easy to train as a puppy and is the type of dog that people enjoy having around. He's the type that wants to please.  He travels well in a car and makes a first class companion dog.

He works on sheep very nicely and can handle stubborn sheep. Good presence in the stockyards. Lovely point of balance and will come in when needed. Good work taking sheep off rails, fences etc. Loves running with the Ag bike and gets along with other dogs. He's a great dog in the house and settles well. Usually curls up in a dog bed or on the lounge. We also take him into town every now and then and he is perfectly behaved at cafes etc. In the car you wouldn't even know he was there. He has that loyal, faithful nature that we like in all our dogs and gets along with other dogs and animals.

This will be Sally's last litter. She's been a fantastic mother and we couldn't be more pleased. If anything, she looks after her pups too well and puts everything into them. We have to feed her constantly at a very high level, just to keep up her condition.

Our Sally is a lovely sweet girl. Very affectionate and has a real happy personality. She has a sot nature. She just loves to be with you and whatever you are doing. Great dog indoors. Travels well in a car too. Sally's mum is Nell, and her dad was our wonderful sire, Ned. Her brother is our wonderful sire, Noonbarra Brock and she has many similarities with him including her great nature. She has some superb breeding behind her. She's a clever little thing and a nice dog to have as a companion. She is very loyal and the type of dog that wants to be around you and part of what you are doing. She settles well and is a good kennel dog and house dog. She can also be fast and agile and we have had great reports back on her pups in the past.

Noonbarra Sally

Good house dog. Sally is a lovely companion for us. Sally is a steady and gentle worker and can work close or medium-wide off her sheep.  She is keen and keeps calm and walks up to sheep slowly and with determination. Plenty of natural ability there. She goes back in her breeding to many of the great  Kelpies, such as Glenlogie Lucky, Phils Creek Sam, Karrobar Gin, Capree Watch, Karrobar Moss, Rockybar Smart, Glendon Claude, Liscannor Pace and Avenpart Zondo (close up due to A.I.). Most of these are featured in the book: Kelpie Legends.

Because we are a long running breeding Stud we have the advantage of knowing what grandparents and even great grandparents were like and we can apply that to our understanding of what to expect from litters. Both Ben and Sally were happy, easy going puppies themselves and that is very important as it indicates that their puppies will be similar. This is the way we like to breed. Noonbarra Ben has been producing some outstanding puppies for us and we are more than pleased with him. Sally travels well in a car and walks nicely on a lead. She's the type of dog that wants to be with you and loves pats.

This mix of these two parents should give us a lovely natured puppies that are ideal for families and children. They will like to be involved in their owner's activities. We expect a reasonable degree of confidence and a better than average adaptability to new situations. Nice affectionate dogs that are very friendly and have a happy disposition.


These Kelpie Puppies ... $1800  

See puppy training packages and additional customer information


Price include all vaccinations against serious dog diseases, Parvo/Distemper and Hepatitis. These puppies will also be Microchipped. They will be Vet checked, given regular worming, registration in National Stud Book for Purebred Working Kelpies. Each puppy will also have a Noonbarra Dog folder and Kelpie information. Every puppy is crate trained too.


All our pups are registered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Puppy price include all vaccinations against serious dog diseases, Parvo/Distemper and Hepatitis. These puppies will also be Microchipped. They will be Vet checked, given regular worming, registration with W.K.C. in National Stud Book for Purebred Working Kelpies. You will also be given a special Noonbarra Dog folder with Kelpie information, pictures of your puppy's parents, grandparents, training tips etc.

We want each puppy to be the best possible match for their lifestyle and situation. Firstly we work out which litter would best suit and than we do a lot of evaluating of each individual puppy. So, for example, we would match a different dog to a retired couple who are home 24/7 than we would for a young bloke who is very active and needs a running partner or for someone doing dog sports or maybe someone needing a strong willed cattle worker compared to someone with three little kids looking for a soft natured affectionate family dog. Click here to read more on how we evaluate each puppy

All our pups get the best start to life here at the Noonbarra Stud. We think happy, healthy puppies are more likely to be easier to train, are better bonded to their owners and it helps to make them happy, well adjusted adults. We even have a basic puppy training program which includes socialising, exposure to noise, car travel and the beginnings of learning good manners and basic obedience. It also includes (very importantly) comprehensive day by day crate training sessions for each puppy. This is an incredible advantage for our customers. There is a page outlining this training on our website and much more detailed information in our book 'Kelpie Basics'. Click here for more about crate training.

Early socialising and handling of puppies makes it all so much easier for our customers. We often have a puppy or two in side on the lounge with us at night watching TV. Our mothers have the highest degree of nutrition when pregnant and after they whelp, so pups are very healthy and Mum is easily able to look after them with no stress.

We handle each puppy day by day, so they get used to human touch and we start to supplemental feed the puppies at 3 weeks of age. They also undergo a full worming program with a Veterinary supplied Fenbendazole based medication, all are carefully checked over by a Vet and each puppy is microchipped and vaccinated against major diseases, so you get the healthiest pup possible. They are well socialised right from the start and that makes them so much easier to handle and train for our customers. It also gives each puppy a strong connection to humans and makes them more affectionate and helps to build a better bond between you.

A younger Noonbarra Sally on top of her kennel.







Pricing for our Noonbarra Stud Kelpie puppies : $1800 - $2200.

Prices are for 8 week old puppies. Each litter is priced individually. Please add $100 for 9 week old puppies. Except in exceptional circumstances we usually do not hold puppies more than 10 weeks of age.

We prefer our Kelpie puppies to go to their new home around 8 weeks of age. This is perfect. It allows the customer to get their puppy when they at their most dependent and gives them time to get used to the puppy. Sometimes in winter months we might hold them back an extra week if we get bad weather. We want the puppy to fit in well with their new home and owner. If you cannot take your puppy at 8-9 weeks of age, please contact us within 24 hours once you are notified and we can postpone you to another litter. The period from 8 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age is the most important time in their life and when they learn the most. This can be a very rewarding time for the owner and when the puppy bonds strongly with them.



This is our very popular manual designed for all Kelpie owners of every level from raw beginners through to experienced trainers. This practical Kelpie manual deals with everything involved in owning and training a Kelpie to ensure your puppy grows up to be a well mannered, obedient dog. It also works with adults too. A lifetime of experience with Kelpies is in this book.

The book is not about how to train Kelpies on sheep or cattle but this foundation training is important for all dogs! It deals with general obedience training, socialising your Kelpie, feeding, crating, toilet training, preventing problem behaviour in your Kelpie, dominance issues, understanding your Kelpie, Kelpies and car travel, bathing, digging holes, stealing food, walking your Kelpie on a lead, coming when called... and much more.

Over 100 large pages of information.

Click here for more Kelpie Basics details


This specialised training is a huge plus for you and your puppy. It is now included at no extra charge with every Noonbarra puppy sold. This training package is for crate training your puppy before you get him. This is to help your puppy sleep in a crate at night, in your home, with minimum or no disruption to your sleep. This training usually takes between 4 and 6 days. To prepare your puppy we first introduce a number of puppies together and gradually get down to the puppy in the crate on his own an for extended periods including a couple of overnight sessions. Puppies are usually ready to go by 8 weeks of age. This is designed to get your puppy off to a great start and to learn to be relaxed and comfortable at night in a crate.

We do a number of days and overnight training of your puppy to accept and be comfortable when confined to a crate. Most see this as their own special den and will go in of their own accord. This is a great help to all customers but it is essential to any pup being transported by plane to their destination. [See info below]. Getting your puppy started well in a crate is a big help to new puppy owners. Some people prefer to do all the training themselves and we are happy with that (unless the puppy is being flown) but for most people getting the timing right and knowing what is normal behaviour in a crate etc. can be daunting and we recommend this basic package to get them started in the right direction.

Without this training, many pups are likely to bark or howl for many hours (night after night) or even panic. We have seen pups from other breeders that haven't been trained get so panicked and upset they completely break down and need a lot of extra training just to get over the ordeal. We have seen untrained pups urinate, soil their crate or even vomit just from the stress & panic so the initial crate training should be done gradually and with lots of understanding and preferably with two or three pups together for short day periods and then the period in the crate gradually lengthened and the pup in on his own for short periods until you are able to crate overnight. We have very experienced in doing this and have crate trained hundreds of dogs including dogs from other breeders.

You have to know when a pup needs to get out to relieve himself and when he is just frustrated at being restrained. Experienced dog owners know how to do this but new dog owners can have a nightmare time of it unless the breeder does the first few days of crate training for them.

This crate training package is a 'restraint' lesson and is good foundation training and teaches your pup that YOU are the ADULT (parent/pack leader) and he must sometimes be restrained and comply to what you want. It gives him boundaries and teaches him to be able to settle. It makes him a happier dog. It also helps with toilet training.

Down-Stay training and tie up are two other important restraint lessons. Crate training stops your puppy from panicking in a crate and makes all your other training much easier. More info on how to crate train is in our book 'Kelpie Basics'. Please note that by no means can we make your puppy perfect in a crate within that short time frame. We can make the puppy accepting of the crate, not panicking and content & relaxed most of the time but most pups are not 100% happy to be restrained in a crate until they are at least 5 months of age or older. You should still expect 5 minutes of whining or protest at night for the first few nights. If you continue your pup's crate training he will absolutely love his crate just like our dogs here!











DURING COVID THE STUD IS CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS EXCEPT CUSTOMERS PICKING UP   (Special conditions such as masks & meeting outside may apply at certain times)



IMPORTANT: You must make a booking to be considered for a puppy from an upcoming litter. We get many hundreds of calls and emails. A deposit separates the customers who are really serious about getting a Noonbarra puppy. Deposits are $150. (Non-Refundable). Once we have your deposit, you go on a special list that we continually refer to in order to match you to a great little puppy. We discuss your needs and your lifestyle and try to get you a 'perfect' match. Along with your deposit please send as much detail as possible also your phone number and address so we can discuss getting the best puppy match with you in more detail.

Deposits can be paid with Personal Cheque, Cash,  Direct Deposit, Money Order.

Let us know as soon as you have made a payment as in some cases we are not informed by bank and we want to get your booking signed in as quickly as possible so you don't miss out.

 Click here to Email us

Please send cheques, money orders etc. to:
Mary and Stephen Bilson
Noonbarra Kelpie Stud

P.O. Box 1374, Orange NSW, Australia 2800


Direct deposit is; Reference: (Your name)
Account name: Noonbarra
St. George Bank. Australia.
BSB: 112 879
Account: 0396 195 64

 Our bank branch is
St. George Bank, 183 Summer Street, Orange NSW 2800 Australia (The BSB number should tell them that address)
St George Bank Head Office is St. George House 4-16 Montgomery Street, Kogarah. New South Wales, 2217. Australia.

Our Noonbarra Stud address with St George Bank is PO Box 1374, Orange, New South Wales, Australia 2800

All prices are in Australian dollars



Noonbarra Working Kelpie Stud

Mary and Stephen Bilson

'Bimaru',  539 Lookout Road, Mullion Creek via Orange
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1374, Orange NSW 2800, Australia

Phone: 02-6366 0499